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compression hanger AND vac hanger?

compression hanger AND vac hanger?

I haven’t seen this discussed before. Recently, I developed some blisters with my vac hanger that were slow to heal. Not wanting to stop hanging until they were healed, I got a compression hanger to use in the meantime.

I found that the stresses put on my penis by the compression hanger weren’t 100% the same as the vac hanger. The attachment point is different and the area of the penis that is subjected to the most trauma is different as well. Now that the blisters have healed, it seems that splitting my hang time between the vac hanger and the compression hanger is useful, and gives me a better overall workout. If I do 12 sets a day, I might do 8 with the vac hanger and 4 with the compression hanger.

What say you? Instead of debating compression hangers vs vac hangers, is a good idea to use both?

Live long and prosper.

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