incredible fulcrum stretch assisted by (vac) hanger

please move to the main forum, because this stretch is nothing for newbies. It is directed to experienced PEler who struggle with length gains.

this is for everyone who is looking for more intense stretching that will affect bucks fascia and hopefully result in length gains. I tried it today and with this stretch I don’t think there is a limit of intensity. Since I haven’t gained length for a veeeery long time and the vac hanger won’t allow me to hang with heavy weights I needed something that could possibly deform bucks fascia which is probably a limiting factor for me. Before I start explaining I will tell you what the advantages of this exercise is.

- It is a fulcrum stretch, so it will affect bucks fascia
- a big area of the penis is stretched
- the strength you have to apply is close to 0
- so you can hold the stretch as long as you want (add time rather than strength), it is very comfortable
- increasing the power is easy to do and your strength will never be the limit of intensity but your penis -> enough room for increases
- stretches also the ligs

what is needed:
- vac hanger or another hanger but vac works best because the sessions can be longer
- something long and round with a small diameter like a wooden spoon (I use it) (…es/LWS00180.jpg )
it needs to be small in diameter and long enough

here it goes:
1. attach a random vac hanger to your penis
2. grabbing the hanger, twist your penis around the spoon once. It is important to do a back-flip with your penis around the spoon so that your CC and not your CS is touching the spoon otherwise it could get painful and too dangerous
3. when your penis is twisted around the spoon once , move the spoon with your penis between your legs and let the ends of the spoon rest under your thighs. It is now a fixed position
4. Still grabbing the hanger you can start stretching but be careful it is very intense. Fatigue should be reached at the end of a 20 minutes session. No pain allowed.
5. you can experiment with different positions.

Since the spoon is under your thighs the penis exits the body downwards (almost like straight down stretching) and the stretch starts quite low on the penis due to the fulcrum compared to normal stretching when you grab your head, it could give you a good lig stretch. I don’t experience this but I never feel my ligs. It is normal for me. Tell us what you feel and how you like it please. I and everyone else would really like to know.

Just a reminder. Don’t exaggerate it. This stretch gives you a lot of power and you shouldn’t misuse it.