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Cold glans

Cold glans

Howdy. I’ve read in most hanging articles to keep a close eye and the color and feeling of your glans while hanging. Cold and dark is bad. My question is how big of a deal is it to have cold glans during the hanging set. I do 15 minute sets right now and after about 10 minutes or so the glans start to get colder to the touch. It also darkens a little but definately does not turn blue. After my 15 minute set i remove the weight and hanger and get the cirulation back. The glans warm up and turn back to normal color. So is there something I’m doing wrong or is a little coldness During the set OK? Thanks.

Im actually hanging 15 minuntes too, with a 10 min break between sets, and in each break i fill a bowl (like the ones you use for cereal!) with hot water and with that, warm up a wrap and put it around my base first, the when its get kind of cold (1 min after i put it on) i put on it on the bowl again, re-warm it and put it a litle far away from the base, you go like that until you get to the head or the water in the bowl gets cold (whatever happens first, and it always take 10 min), its normal (at least for me) get a cold glands while hanging, and the darkens too, but it only last to the next morning, BUT, if you get a heavier weight the night before (upgrading weights) , then it take 2 days until the dick get used to the weight. Hope it helps

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A slight drop in temperature as well as some darkening is normal. The idea is to keep monitoring your penis in case it goes beyond that.


Like Andrew said it’s OK, just don’t go past 20 minutes and make sure you get the blood flowing between sets

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I think there is cool and there is COLD. I usually have a case of cool head when I stretch but no loss of feeling and with a purple color. When I take the weight off it goes back to room temperature. Now I also have accidently got what I call the amputation cold where it felt like an ice cube. It only takes 1 time of amputation cold to know what I am talking about. Just be safe and experiment with what is normal for you.


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