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How much is too much purple? And how cold is cold?

How much is too much purple? And how cold is cold?

When bib hanging I get some discoloration but it is only a small amount of darkening around the head. You might call it a light shade of purple. My question is: When you guys talk about avoiding purple-ing of the dick are you referring to a deep purple? Also I get a small amount of coolness. So, how cold is cold? IOW, does your dick have to stay totally free of discoloration and stay warm to know you are hanging properly and with little risk of injury?

You know, I just noticed that instead of calling it blue or purple, it’s more like the lavender lining that you see here around these posts!

That’s not a good thing. Today I’m hanging without porno available, consequently, I’ve got to take the weights off EVERY 5 MINUTES because that’s when it starts turning lavender, and I have to do this for a total of 2 hanging hours! But because of my hanger design, it only takes 2 seconds to pop off the weights and the hanger. I can also unwrap, shake willy’s head back to pink and re-wrap in under 1 min. Then it takes a few seconds to adjust the hanger back and set the weights on it.

Don’t be discouraged if you have to do this. I’m getting gains faster than I expected from hanging although I keep forgetting to take my porno-filled laptop with me. The porno-assisted hanging lets my head stay pink for about 15 - 20 min. straight.

But to answer your question, any shade of discoloration is bad. I may be able to tolerate a cool head, but maybe not for long even if there is no pain.

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vatoloco2, greetings:

Are you cut or uncut? I think this might make a difference. I am uncut, and the foreskin around the glans puckers up and turns dark purple very soon after I hang. I am now hanging 17.5lb for 20mins, 3 times a day (along with manual stretches and pumping). I find that when I remove the Bib hanger and massage the glans and surrounding foreskin tissue, the purple colour disappears rapidly (within 10 seconds or so). I am not entirely happy with the instant purple, but I have made progress very slowly, and keep a careful watch for damage.For the moment, I’m concluding that if the discolouration recedes rapidly, things are reasonably safe — though I’m not exactly sure how safe…..


A little discoloration is normal with any significant weight. Just do a test with manual stretching. Using an ok grip, pull strongly from behind the head for a few minutes, and notice the color. It should darken.

What you are concerned about is a lack of blood flow. If your head turns white or blue, then there is a problem. If it is noticeably cold, then there is a problem. Usually, when it turns purple, this is a sign of higher than normal blood pressure, and is not a great concern. If it turns very dark, that is probably not too good.

It really is a matter of common sense, and listening to your body. If it feels bad or looks bad, then take off the weight and hanger. There is nothing wrong with cutting a set short.

Over the course of my hanging career, I saw many changes in my penis, and many different conditions and colors. As long as you pay attention, and stop when you become concerned, the risk is slight.



I hang 7 lbs. for 20 min. at a time. My head turns light purple and gets cool. After I take the hanger (bib) off it returns to it’s rosy pink color in a few seconds. So I’m just not going to worry any more about it. Going to try and be as careful as I can and not push anything too much.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Good luck and stay safe.


Later . . LS


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