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Can hanging/PE cause nerve damage

Can hanging/PE cause nerve damage

I have been reading some threads on a Swedish forum lately, this is a free forum run by Swedish doctors, the forum is meant to be about sex education, but lately there has been a lot of questions about PE.

Well the doctors claim that they have had quite a few patients that have suffered nerve damage from PE, They don’t say witch kind of PE, but they say that some of the patients have been using extenders, and some have been doing other kinds of PE. They also claim that some of the patients loose the sensations in their penises several years after doing PE. They also claim that the patients penis size are average or above average.

Today I was reading some threads on the Jes-ext homepage and there was a member there who was hanging a toolbox from his penis, the admins reply was: (I will use my own words since I don’t wont to break the forum guidelines).

When they designed the J-E they set the max tension to 3000g because this wouldn’t cause damage to nerves or veins. To be on the safe side they took half this force and used 1500g as their max tension.
They think that hanging a toolkit from the penis is complete madness, and says that he must stop this ASAP, And that if he continues he should not come and complain to them.

My thoughts and some facts:

The Swedish doctors are real doctors, they have their titles and education written on the page, and it is quite impressive. I don’t think that they have any reason to lye about this.

There is a connection between the J-E and the “Scandinavian clinic of plastic surgery”(who perform PE surgery and currently holds the “world record” after one of their patients gained 15 cm flaccid), they have plastic surgeons answering questions on their homepage, they are the only ones that have had a test group using their extender (as far as I know), and I have not found any lawsuits against them on the internet.
Their extender is CE approved (EU standard) as a medical tool, and in the CE approval you can read about the tests they have done, I found the CE approval when searching for “extender” (it is written in English).

I must admit that I get a little nervous when reading on the Swedish page, I have had some nice gains so far with the J-E, stretching, jelqing, and lately pumping. The only problem I have had is not getting a 100% erection right after my PE workout, but if I wait one hour I have a stronger erection than I had before PE.

When reading here about the ones that have damaged themselves it seems that they are clearly overdoing it,
But still I get a little nervous, I would really like reaching my PE goals but would also like to be able to get an erection in years to come.

Just thought I should share this information, because there are not many members here that can read in Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian.

What are your experience/ thoughts about this? Please respond.




Certainly nerve damage is a risk that hangers, in particular, need to consider. I think you will find that the threads in the hanger’s forum give this matter very serious and careful consideration. Rather than rehash all of that material here, I’ll just direct you to the hanger’s forum and encourage you to browse.

A significant advance in hanger technology was to replace the “noose-style” hangers, which essentially form a strangle-hold around the penis, with clamshell and lateral designs, which apply force primarily to the sides of the shaft rather than all around. This design change has greatly reduced the likelihood of serious nerve damage, because it avoids placing large amounts of pressure on the dorsal nerves.

Hanging is definitely an area in which you must proceed at your own risk. The risks are real but can be reduced to (I think) acceptable levels by using a hanger that grips the sides of the shaft, using caution, and carefully monitoring your glans during each hanging set for any signs of numbness or coldness.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.


First thank you for your reply! I was starting to think that I should have posted in the main or newbieforum instead so that I would get some response :)

I have been reading here at the different forums for several hours a day, almost every day since I became a member, and it doesn’t seem to be many injuries considering that there are 40000 members here.
I have tried hanging 3 times myself, but I have not started hanging as a part of my PE program (yet).

The Swedish doctors on this site strongly advices against using an extender, and all other types of PE, They claim that they have a lot of patients who have experienced loss of sensation after performing PE exercises.
They also claim that there is no scientific proof that you can increase the size of your penis.
And that is exactly the problem with PE, there is no proof that is excepted in medical society, not yet at least.
There are a lot of people that are gaining but we can not prove that it actually works.

Actually there is an experiment going on in Sweden, it is done by one of the most respected urologists in Sweden, he has been testing an extender on one of his patients for 5-6 months now.
I am not sure when he will go public with his results, but I will write about it here as soon as I hear about the results. This experiment is well known in the Swedish medical society.

Well it seems that there are some risks involved, and that there are a possibility that one can injure oneself if one goes to far. But what is to far? Is 3 kg (7-8 pounds?) the most one should hang to be sure not to damage oneself?

Although most extenders apply only light weight (a couple of kg), almost all tend to use the “noose-style” attachment. This makes their users particularly susceptible to nerve injury. I would bet these noose-style hangers are the basis of the Swedish doctor’s warnings. Extenders that grip the sides tend to be much safer and allow considerably more force to be used.

One of our members invented an extender that grips the sides. It seems to be a great improvement over the competition. There’s a review of it here.

My sense is that hanging with a good hanger (or extender) is reasonably safe as long as appropriate precautions are taken and the person hanging is ever vigilent. But you should not get into it until you understand the risks and believe that your routine appropriately manages them. Keep reading.

As for whether they work, I can’t say. Hanging has not been the holy grail of length gains I thought it would be, but I’m still working on it. Other members claim to have had great results.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.


I have been using the Jes for almost 5 months (more than 700 hours wearing time), and I have gotten some nice gains from it, so I would say that it works at least for me, I also do manual excersises, and have resently started pumping, and I must say that I belive pumping to be the best excersise for me, judging from the size I get to after pumping.

My extender has the noose-style headpiece, but I also have the new type headpiece, I started with the noose-type and had gotten used to it, so when I recived the new type I only tried it once, didnt get the hang of it, and got back to using the noose-type.

I think that you might be right about the injuries that the Swedish doctors report, If I remember correctly they say that it is from using the Jes-extender, and it comes with the noose-type, but they also talk about other kinds of PE without being more spesific.

The link I have read before, on page 14 I asked Monkeybar if it fits on the Jes-extender, and I have completly forgotten about it, So thanks for reminding me about it :)
I just read it again and Monkeybar says that it will fit! And I must say that it looks a lot more comfortable than the original piece. I have to get me one of those :)

I have read your progress report, and it seems that you are not gaining from hanging, have you tried pumping
or using an extender?

Again thanks for the response, not easy to get a lot of that in the hanging forum :)


I have not read anything about PE surgery on that page, but I am almost 100% sure that they are against that kind of surgery, and that they would strongly advice not to take such a risk.

I am not sure but, I dont think that one could have that kind of surgery in Norway or Sweden, I do know that a lot of Norwegians go to Denmark to have PE surgery.

I am not sure if you are being sarcastic, if you are not, I can join the site and ask them (you have to join to post there).


I know I’m not the brightest guy concerning this kind of information.but shouldn’t it be pointed out that alot of urologists have alot of money at stake to lose if they confirm that PE is a legitimate and completely safe method of enlarging your penis?

If the world knew they could do all this stuff for free to make their Johnson bigger.who the hell would go and have extremely costly and dangerous penis surgery done anymore?


I think the group that would stand to lose any money is too small to worry about having much influence.
besides some will still do the surgery.
I just don’t think anyones ever done a real serious medical study on non surgical PE.
And certainly not one that’s free of personal motives.

Then you have to consider that once they endorse it, they’ll get their asses sued off by every yanker that
damages his wanker.

Who knows, maybe they’ll eventually get distressed over seeing all these guys with huge cocks in their offices
and start to ponder if maybe there isn’t something to it after all….

Live by example, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Originally Posted by sunnykubotani
I know I’m not the brightest guy concerning this kind of information.but shouldn’t it be pointed out that alot of urologists have alot of money at stake to lose if they confirm that PE is a legitimate and completely safe method of enlarging your penis?

If the world knew they could do all this stuff for free to make their Johnson bigger.who the hell would go and have extremely costly and dangerous penis surgery done anymore?


Thanks for the response.

The doctors on this page is not involved in PE surgery, I dont think it is possible to have this kind of surgery done in Sweden at all. But I do get your point.

I have found a few articles about PE surgery performed on Norwegians, They have had the surgery done in Denmark, And a lot of them have had problems after the surgery, I will Translate some of it and post it later today.


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