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Nerve damage

Nerve damage

Don’t mean to scare any fellow newbies away, but I’m curious about this topic as I would like to prevent it happening! My question is, what is the process that causes nerve damage? Pressure on the glans, internal pressure or something else? Sorry if this is a repetitive subject - my searching didn’t uncover anything conclusive.

From what I have heard it can come from pressure to the glans, but I have also had it from pulling too hard on the unit when hanging for too long of a time frame, not being patient. Basically from imparting too much of an overall load before my unit was conditiond for it, overdoing it! Also, I have gotten a touch of it when doing dedicated skin stretching from being over eager as well and bearing through pain (which is bad). Again, overdoing it.

This is an interesting post though because I would ike to see if anyone has had nerve issues from too much internal pressure, etc.


Hey starch,

Click the Illustrations and Diagrams link in my signature. You will find your answer somewhere in there (post #2 I beleive). There are nerves running along the top side and I beleive the bottom side of your penis. ou want to stay away from putting direct pressure on these nerve bundles. That is why so many guys prefer the palm down OK grip.


Interesting, thanks Room.

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