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Looking for post on nerve damage

Looking for post on nerve damage

I was reading a few days ago about the location of the nerve cluster just behind the head. Does anyone know where the post is located or if there is any other info on reduced sensitivity of the penis due to exercising

Contrary to what some have written, I don’t think there is a special nerve cluster right behind the head. The major nerves are near the top of the penis and run its full length.

Here is an interesting article.

Thanks for the info Hobby

The nerves do repair themselves unless lacerated. If your having pain and numbness issues you need to quit PE for a few months. I had the worst of it. A year and a half ago I hurt myself hanging and it felt like my dick was falling off for months and had no sensation. It took 3 months for the numbness to go away. The 4th month started feeling sensation and the 6th month was about 75% better. A bad nerve injury like I had took between 6 to 10 months to get better.

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