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Hi Bib,

Realizing that you’re very busy while knowing of no other source of this information, please respond when you can.

I’m very intrigued by the production model hanger you used to sell and understand that other units might be offered in the coming future from time to time.

Until such time, I’d like to further experiment with variations of Tom’s hanger as well as your home-made ones. If you would, please let me know what kind of liquid gel you used to make the
padding in the production unit and is the hinge on one side a type of furniture hinge?

I also want one of your units should you start production again.


Hanger must provide worm.

Speaking of worms...

I’ve seen it called hydro-gel or something like that. Too me, it is pretty similar to the stuff soft plastic bass worms (fishing) are made of. You can buy the mixture in do-it-yourself kits from BPS or just about anywhere. Exact properties depend alot on the mixture (how much hardener). Not saying that it definately is this type of substance, but it does have some similar characteristics. Specifically, if the gel comes into contact with certain types of “non-wormproof” plastics, it will begin to melt them. IOW, don’t set the BH on the top of a jam box…it will leave quite an impression, just like a Culprit worm. If your’re looking to pad your AFB, this is one idea. One could also use Aquaseal (urethane), bathtub caulk (latex or silicone) and other stuff like that. If you do it to an AFB, you might drill small holes throughout the contact surface to give the gel (whatever type you use) something to grab into or on for adhesion. That way, before the gel dries it will run into the holes and that section of the gel serves as a grommet and it won’t be as inclined to move or peel off. Picture smooshing a piece of bubblegum into a window screen and you’ll get the idea. Lotsa small holes and maybe a good idea to dab a bit/run a bead on the outer side where the gel comes through in order to create a type of rivet effect. groa

Gel Secrets


Just returned from a trip but I appreciate

everyone’s input regarding the soft gel. Right

now, I’m using the AFB with success but with only

about 8 pounds. I believe the gel would make the

hanger more comfortable especially as more weight

is added and might reduce the amount of padding

necessary. It also seems that the gel would

provide a better grip and avoid any tendency to

slide. I like Tom’s AFB hanger, the ease of use, ease of assembly, etc. but am always looking for improvement. Thanks again!

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