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The MIGHTY BibHanger (Buster's View)

The MIGHTY BibHanger (Buster's View)

So I have eased my way back into hanging. I have felt so fine for so long and I had this new BibHanger sitting here… so……….

Anyhow, it’s been about 5 days now. Started at first with the AFB3 for mere 2.5lb sessions for a few days (about 40min a day). Then I worked up to 5lb with the BibHanger and have really been monitoring things diligently. I plan on staying at 5lbs for quite some time. It just feels so effective. So here are my comments:

The difference in feel between the Bib and the AFB is incredible. With the Bib I truly feel the entire penis gets fatigued. What a welcome feeling. I now feel it at the ligs and in the shaft. Wow. The AFB never gave me any feelings in the shaft. So now I am quite confident that I am sensing fatigue as it approaches. It is very progressive and easily discernable. With the AFB, as I’ve said in my injury post, fatigue basically just comes up and smacks you in the nads. All or nothing. This is not the case with the Bibhanger.

I could speculate as to why it feels this way but my knowledge is pretty slim, unlike many of you. I do, however, know the difference between the two at this point in regards to effective feeling. And this is sooo important to safe hanging.

I am so happy I invested my kopeks in a Bib. I am very confident that I’ll add that extra inch with the Bib now, and I quite like the feel of hanging. I actually never want to take it off. And, it was very easy for me to get my adjustments down. I guess I can’t say enough at this point, so I’ll just say:

Thank you, BIB! I am very grateful!


Wow, what a great post to come back to. I really appreciate it.


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