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Looking for a BIBHANGER

Looking for a BIBHANGER

Hi now that the bibhanger is out of production im looking to buy one somewhere can u please e-mail me if u can help


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Hey Thunder, maybe we can set up some kind of re sale section on the board for ppl wanting to sell there bib after they are done!


I was thinking the same thing...

We should have like a re-sale section……People could save lots of money on stuff…

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I have only 1/2 inch to go then I will be done with my bib!


Hey Guys,

Do you see this sad face? It’s cause I want me a bib hanger and cant get one! I wonder if Thunder or anyone else may have some influence with Bib and might talk him into making a few hangers for those of us who are regulars on the forum?? I am particularly interested in the bib because of it’s ability to grip and stretch the tunica. I think that Bib’s design may offer the best chance for gaining for those new to hanging. In any case, I will continue to BEG and maybe one day ol’ Bib will take pity on me and make me a hanger (for the usual fee - of course). For those of you who have a Bib - you are the upper class!

Enough cryin’ for today.

Happy hangin!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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