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Bib, I'm following the 101 routine . . .

Bib, I'm following the 101 routine . . .

suggested by ThunderSS.

Do you have anything else to suggest to a guy that’s got only 4.25 el and wants to gain more length (two inches) sooner than later?

I’ll be patient I just want to know that I’m on the right track.

Also at 50 yo I’m getting started late and the libido is not what it used to be. All together pretty dissappointing. Just want to feel alive again.

Envy you young studs trying to lengthen your rods from 7 to 8.5”. I’m totally blown away… . I can only dream …

Later . . LS

Hi and welcome to the wonderfull world of hanging! Not currently using my bib and missing the discipline of hanging a great deal. I expect that you will hear from some of the guys soon, in the mean time why not check out the archives, who knows what you will stumble uppon!

You ARE on the right track, and may well gain a 1/2 inch or so faster than the young guys. Often the over 40 crowd has lost some of the length of their youth. You will probably get it back along with gaining over all weiner health. Two inches is doable, although you will be entering into the relm of later I expect.

When you pass 5”s you will walk around giggling to your self “MY God!…dicks getting bigger!” and people will look at you funny.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Thanks for the encouragement. You’re very kind. What does that mean at the bottom of your post? I take it your an Aussie. Is Everyone that nice there?

Later . . LS

Thunder SS,

Sorry for the mistake. Will follow the routine just the same.
Thanks for your help and the other moderators.

Later . . LS

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