Bad penis sensitivity - please help!


i asked this a short time ago but i still hope to get answers apart from “go to an urologist”.
I will go to one but this will take a week.

So my question again:

I have a very very bad penile sensitivity.
I have to rub relatively hard to cum, my erection disappears after 3 seconds when i dont rub anymore.
The sensitivity is so bad that i sometimes get the feeling that my penis is something between flesh and plastic. Blowjob is no fun for me cause the feeling is too weak.

My sensitivity went down a short time before i started PEing but since i started Peing i lost much more of my senstitvity.

I will consider an urologist (i saw already 2 but they couldnt do anything) and i will stop hanging for 1 week. I never did very hard PEing.

So my question to you is:

Do you know ANY methods to improve sensitivity of the penis?????
Maybe putting it into a condom filled with skin cream , fixed with a cord or something like that… you know ANYTHING i can do about it???By MYSELF?

I would be very glad to read from you, i will try anything to get my feeling back.
If you have a link to a site or to a posting from thundersplace or PEforums please tell me!

Bye, SPV