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Share my experience about what I've learned about correcting a curved penis


Share my experience about what I've learned about correcting a curved penis


My name is Tony and I’m from sweden

This will be my first post on this forum and I’d like to share some experience with you and also hope to clear things out when it comes to correction of a curved penis.

I have suffered from a curved penis since as long as I can remember and has always been searching for answers on how to fix it. (Thank God for the Internet )

My curvature starts at the middle of my penis and curves in a 45 degree angle to the left like a banana.

I know many others also suffer from this problem so I thought it could be good to bring them up to the surface and listen to what others has to say and also share their experiences in this thread.

First I want to straight one thing out when it comes to a curved penis that many seems to wonder about, Do I have a congenital curvature (from birth) or do I suffer from Peyronies?

The short answer is that if you have had your curved penis since the long you can remember when you first started to get erections you probably have a congenital curvature since birth.
If you have had a straight erections before that you can remember, but gotten a curved penis somewhere on the way, the chance is probably that you suffer from Peyronies disease.

The problem with a curved penis I think, can be both physical and physocological depending on the case.
In my case which is a congenital curvature, the psychological aspect has been a huge problem in my life since I feel ashame of showing my erection infront of a girl because of the curvature.
And this problem has been an every day struggle for me with every new sexual meeting and every new girl I met.
The problem sits in my head and therefore my erections fail me almost each and every time I’m about to have sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had sex many times, but those times I have been taking viagra, cialis.
And even then, sometimes I could not get erected due to the psychological aspect of showing a curved penis infront of a female.
So, 5 years ago I started to searching for answers online to solve this problem with a curved penis and I become somewhat of an expert in the subject because of all the reading.
The first solution I came across was surgery and the method was called “The Nesbit procedure”.
I don’t know if any of you have heard about it but the doctor shortens the long side of your penis so that it is of equal length as your short side.
Not very good as your penis will become half an inch shorter in average and the possibility of losing sensation in the forehead of your penis.

Second solution was the penis extenders.
I thought they were cheap and started with ordering the Jes-Extender and worn it a couple of month until I got tired of not getting any results.
I didn’t give up because of this so I also ordered the penis stretchers from AndroPenis and also the Phallosan where you wrap an elastic belt around your waist and use a vacuum suction cup to hold your penis in position.
After a total of 12-15 months of daily usage for up to 8 hours I finally got tired of no results so I threw them in my trashcan.

Now I was starting to feel anxious, because maybe there wasn’t a solution at all that would work and maybe the internet was just full of scammers who saw their way of earning money on people which really believed that these devices could correct a curved penis.
These devices didnt work for me, and I know there are people out there that will claim that just because it didnt work for me, doesnt mean that it will not work for anybody else.
Maybe thats true but I still have a hard time understanding the logics about why human tissue would work differently from person to person.
But on the other hand, why do some become bodybuilders and some goes years after years to the gym without getting any results to mention.

I didnt give up because of this and continued to search for answers and I visited every possible forum online about curved penis and read thru all comments.
I came across “jelqing” and especially “curved jelqing” which was a method for straightening a curved penis out.
I have been on it for almost 3 weeks and has not seen any results so far but on the other hand, I couldn’t expect results in just 3 weeks.
The routine I’d like to share with you on how I do it is that I do the curved jelqs for 20 minutes.
In my case I have a 40 degree curve to the left, so I use my right hand to form an “OK” sign and jelq against the curve.
I don’t know if I’m doing it the classical way, but I use lots of lube and jelq my penis so that it is almost straight when I’m at the top of my penis and therefore I feel the tension within my left shorter side of the penis.
I think it is very logical and it feels logical to be able to straight out a curved penis by jelqing because you use your own force to straighten your penis out with each jelq.
Each jelq is about 2-3 seconds long.
I jelq 5 times a week (monday to friday) and I do it 20 minutes each session.
Just yesterday I started to combine it with a 10 minute session of “erect bends” after my jelqing session.
The “erect bends” I use is to try to get 100% erection and try to bend my penis to the opposite side of the curvature so that it is almost straight and hold it in that position for 10-15 seconds.

So now I do “curved jelqs” and “erect bends” for a total of 30 minutes 5 times a week and I really hope that this technique will help me get my sexlife back and to make my penis straight as an arrow.
I will give it a try for 6 months and if I don’t get any results at all after that, I don’t think it’s worth doing it.
But I’d like to get some thoughts about this method and if you have any success stories on it?

If so, please include this:

1. Which degree of curvature did you have when you started andehich degree of curvature are you at now?

2. How long have you been doing the curved jelqs?

3. Has your erections become better due to the physical and/or psychological aspects?

I have also heard of the method of straightening your penis by using a penispump.
The twist with this would be to order a penispump that has a variety of different sizes (diameter) when it comes to the cylinders.
If you order one that has a very thin cylinder you will automatically force your penis to get straight as there is only room for being so when you pump your penis.
Could be a tip and I’m thinking of ordering one.

Some last words before I log out,

If you are one of those people that have tried jelqing and curved jelqs and failed, there is one other way of correcting a curved penis that I’d like to share with you that I recently came across which is a an direct opposite method to the “Nesbit procedure” surgery.

There is something called the “Gydio procedure”
Go to Google and search:

“Curved penis Gydio Procedure”
“Dr Paulo Gydio”

By this surgical method they make insicions on the shorter side of the penis and make it equal lenght as the longer side.

Can you imagine I was glad when I came across this method and read about it and that the success rate was almost 97%.

Dr Paulo Gydio has made over 3000 operations according to their website and he has written many books about the subject.
Here’s a direct link to his website:

And here’s another clinic in USA where they do the Gydio Procedure to correct a curved penis:

Fred Grossman, MD | Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Sexual Health | Male Care Center in Denver, Colorado

So I hope everyone with a curved penis finds this thread and can read about my discoveries when it comes to cure a curved penis so that they can decide on which methods they want to go for.

That was all and I will be very glad to get your thoughts on this and would gladly want to receive some success stories about jelqing results when it comes to a curved penis.

Kind Regards Tony

As for curve healing, I was doing curve jelqs for 2-3 months and maybe 40% of my slight left curve subsided. Also, I’ve gained some, but don’t know if it’s higher EQ or false measurement.

This forum recommend not to do erect but plumped (with less than 100% erection) bends and this can also be the way to go.

I’ve had about 25 degrees and now it’s about 10-15. It depends of what kind of underwear I have and on which side I put my friend.

Frankly, I don’t recommend any surgical option as you have opportunity to do jelqs, etc.

But, please, let me know: have You gained anything using stretcher? If yes, it wasn’t totally waste of time.

Don’t stop reaching Your goals and as for being non-confident; have You heard You are hurting someone during sex? Maybe the girls liked Your banana? Maybe this can be an advantage?

I’ve corrected my curve a little after gaining. 5 inches only from stretches and nothing else. I believe if you gain length thru stretching, your curve will improve. If you’re stretching and not making length gains then it won’t improve. This is just my opinion.

Start 2-3-08 BPEL 7.25" EG 5.25" Midshaft

Now BPEL 9.00" EG 5.50 " Midshaft

Long term goal NBP 8x6 - "The Magic stick"


Thanks for the information.

I used the jes-extender for about 8 month sometimes 12 hours per day without any results in lenght/girth or correction of curvature.

I used phallosan stretcher ( every night during my sleep for 6 month , 8 hours per session without any results in length/girth or correction of curvature.

I’ve been doing curved jelqs now for about 3 weeks and the only thing I can see visually is that my penis is MORE curved when flaccid.

But It doesnt seem to be more or less curved when erected.

I think the curved jelqs can take a while before seeing any results and I will not give up until I’ve been doing them for 6 months also with combined erect bends.

It would be very good to hear others experiences also on their way to correct a curved penis.

Thanks / Tony

That’s pity. You spend money for useless (for You) devices.

I think there aren’t direct correlation between flaccid and erect curve degree. Mine sometimes is much more curved due to bad positioning in pants/underwear, but when erected it subsides a lot.

Try simple stretching and fowfers. The first might logically improve the curve, the second (used by me) helps for straighter flaccid hang if You are interested.

If not straight, You will get healthier and bigger package. That’s good enough to continue it.

What is the difference between curve jelqs and normal jelqs?

Curved jelqs are jelqs that go against the curve,, if you curve to the left, you jelq hard to the right,,can you picture it

Ah yes I can picture it, this will help me very much, thank you

Dealing with a curve is my curse also, but I believe the type of curve I have is the worste, I have a downward curve,, so for now I jelq against it and stretch against it as hard as I can stand, HOPEFULLY this will work in time

Any success stories from someone who has corrected a curved penis?


I think that many of the conclusion on these boards has been that you can’t fix a curved penis if you use penis extenders.

Because your penis is curved when it’s erected and therefore you’ve got to treat the problem when your penis is “almost” erected.

And when I do my “curved jelqs” each day I do it while my penis is 60-80% erected.

And with each jelq I try to hold my penis straight as an arrow at the end before I losen my grip, and by that I really feel that the shorter corpus cavernosum is stretched.

I’m not doing the classical curved jelqs, instead I jelq so that the penis is being forced to be straight as an arrow when I’m at the top and is about to do it all over again.

And after the jelqing session (monday - friday 20 min per day) I use to do erect bends for 10 minutes per day.

And I can say that it is the erect bends that really make it feel like my penis will correct it’s curvature in the long run.

I try to go up to 80% erection and then I bend my penis so that it is stratight as an arrow and hold it in that position for 15 sec.

Do it about 10-20 times per day, monday - friday.

I think that if we stretch the ligaments like this when we have “almost” a full erection, it seems and feels very logical that our curved penises will
Be corrected gradually in the long run.

Hope to hear any more success stories from someone who has corrected a curved penis and in which way they did it.
Surgery, extenders, jelqing, vacuumpumps, hanging.

I know there are many techniques out there but the curved jelqs and erect bends seems most logical to me atm.

Kind Regards Tony

They both seem to hit the “problem” right on the head,, I do a combo, jelq against it and bend against it I’m my routine, but I also do regular,strait forward jelqs inbetween.I feel like I will stick to my PE this time,, I’m hooked, and determind to get results,PLUS who doesn’t love how thick and mean looking their cock gets durring a workout !!!

King snake good to hear that you will stick to your routine just like me.

It absolutely feels logical that in the end, the tissue will form so that our penises will be straight as arrows but it will not happen overnight but that’s not a realistic thought either.

Thanks for the info / Tony

This is such an “instant results” kind of world these days ,, but PE is step back to reality,, like the OLD days when you knew working out would take months to see the results, and some of the guys iknew,that were. At

in great shap h ad been at for YEARS.
And, at my age,, I’m far from expecting great5 results over nite.I think I may be looking at a year down the road to get what I’m looking for.

King snake I want your opinion on one thing and of course from anybody reading this thread.

Instead of doing “erect bends”, why not order a VED (vacuum erection device aka penis pump) and order a cylinder which is quite small in diameter.

Then when you pump your penis inside this small cylinder (still has to be long) you will force your penis to be straighten out while erected.

Then you can hold it for that lets say about 15-30 seconds and then release the vacuum and do the process all over again for about 15 - 30 min per day.

It seems logical to me at least.


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