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Anyone not using heat for hanging?

Anyone not using heat for hanging?

I’ve been hanging for almost a year now and I’ve been using a rice sock and for the month of dec. a electric heating pad with moist heat. I didnt make any gains while using the electric heating pad (during the set I would heat the part of my penis inside of me with it) and starting the new year i stopped using heat all together, and within a week I gained over an eighth inch. My tunica is feeling more worked, btw I’ve been doing OTS since I started.

I know most people credit heat for their gains and almost everyone uses heat, but does anyone think that for some people that heat doesnt help? Heat definetly makes your penis more elastic but does it necesarrily give you more permanent gain? I remember reading a post about someone using cold and that it creates more tears, but I also read that heat will cause more tear.

Anyways, I’m not sure if I should continue the no heat thing, and has anybody else had better gains without heat?

Heat makes the tissues more supple. If anything, heat should aid in stretching the penis.

Let’s say you take a cold shower and then pull your penis straight out. Does it stretch far?
Now, take a long hot shower and pull on your penis. Does your penis stretch further and feel more stretchy and pliable?

In which state does it make more sense to hang in, hot or cold?

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I think the heat is more of a “safety thing” than anything. When I was young, I could jump onto the wrestling mat and get into it, but now, I am getting older and the first thing I do is stretch. If I don’t, I am assured a pulled muscle. When hanging, I take the hint and I make sure to heat every time-Mr. Johnson doesn’t want any injuries either! As far as being new to hanging, I can not comment on growth, but when I weigh that against stretching Jimmy beyond repair, heat wins out every time!

I love this debate and would hope to see more statistics. I agree with the concept that heat allows the Ligs to stretch but does that equate to more tears. I don’t think so. I seems to me that tears would be more difficult when heated. I say this when I, myself ALWAYS heat up for at least half my session. I should do an experiment and see if cold makes a significant difference. I’ve got enough data now to be able to see statistically any advantage. This is one issue that should be focused on more clearly. IMHO

Perhaps someone could start a poll and collect some data.

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I am very glad that this subject is being raised. I’ve dabbled in hanging in the past with homemade gizmos, but am now hanging in a serious manner with a BIB and have noticed that the apparent stress on my penis during hanging sessions seems greater when not applying the heating pad to my pelvic region. I tend to think that Monty has it pretty much right, heat during the first half of sets to get the ligs stretched (ductile) and then remove heat during the latter half of sets to get the ligs into the brittle zone. We’re talkin’ controlled deformation, here, fellas. Ductility is good to a certain degree, but ultimately, we’re trying to break it (slightly!) right?. Also, refer to Wad’s PIV Theory.

My $0.02.

Ramrod, I’m sure there is no debate that heat makes it stretch longer, but does it help with permanent gains is the question.
Also I don’t know if heat makes thing safer, If anything, unsafe for your testis.

Thats a good idea Monty, heating for one set, is that what you do xeno? A poll with data would be good, but I’m pretty sure most will swear by heat, we’d need some peopel to stop using heat for a bit.

I’ve also noticed that I really feel the stretch much more intensely after the heat is removed. Perhaps more damage is being done. On the flip side, I find that I’m able to further prolong my sets when I use heat. Pain sets in fairly soon after the heat is removed.

For all I know, shorter sets without heat (after an initial warm up) works better than longer sets with heat. Nothing is certain.

BTW, I’ve been using heat religiously since September, and hang approximately 2000 pound-minutes per day. I’ve made no hanging gains to date.

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On the basis of this thread, primarily MM’s data, I’ve decided to systematically reduce heat application (Thanks MM!). I’ll use heat until all indications are that I’m good and warm and flexible, probably the first 10 minutes of my first set and then remove the heating pad for the remaining 10-15 minutes. How much heating time I use for each subsequent set will be minimized but always provided as needed based on the LTYP (Listen to Your Penis) Principal, probably only for the first several minutes of each subsequent set, I would guess.

I think Monty has posted very impressive gains using, amoung other other strategies, a “heat for first half, remove heat for 2nd half” approach to hanging.

Actually I attribute my gains to light weight ADS. That’s where my hanging gains are solidified. NO turtling here.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

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I don’t apply heat for any of my PEing. I never have. I’ve gained around 3/4 of an inch w/o heat. I’ve only been hanging for about two weeks, so I don’t know if it makes any difference. Maybe we should set up an experiment. But there would be a lot of factors that would have to be controlled to do an experiment, such as how much weight is hung, how long it’s hung, whether or not an ads device is used after hanging, etc.


I also believe that light weight ADS is a positive contributor to length gains from hanging (I do it). You’ll note that I said “…among other strategies…” when commenting on your heating/not heating approach.

Given that this thread is about heating/not heating during hanging, and you have 1) stated your heating/not heating routine and 2) made good length gains, I thought it important to emphasize the positive results that your approach has produced.


I will certainly report back on how things go for me with my heating/not heating approach.

I’ll have to try the heat first approach too, but Larry is right, there are so many factors, its hard to say for certain if one method does amount to gains.

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