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As that I am only 3 weeks into hanging, should i be hitting different angles. I’ve only been hanging down while sitting or standing.

This is an area that is vastly distorted in terms of efficacy. The angles do not make a difference, the penis is so small that when a force is applied it affects the entire physiology. Doing different angles is helpful in some respects because you can increase your sets or intervals by applying the stress in different areas and thereby reduce discomfort. It is very successful in this regard, you can double your hang time (if this is a goal).

The only thing to avoid is doing angles that put the physiology in a state of contraction. Some people sit in a chair and do SO stretching; this is poor technique, the entire loin area is in a contracted position and you have opposing forces. Exercising in this fashion is not as effective as it could be due to the ligatures presenting a retracted condition. You always want to feel a strong stretch or elongation of the appendage and not a “holding on for dear life,” tug of war scenario (ligatures in retraction for fear of falling off).

Hanging down is the best and most traditional method, it targets the areas that have the most restriction on your erection telescoping out. Erection angles are typically at acute angles to the body, you want to work at this apex in order to attack and expose your inner penis.

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