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Flaccid stretch & angles

Flaccid stretch & angles

Does anyone notice a change in flaccid stretched length (BPSL) at different angles. As I move closer to 12:00, my stretched length seems to get shorter. If someone has a high lot, presumably the ligaments are the limiting factor and should keep the stretched length constant through all angles. If you have a low lot however, the tunica is the limiting factor and should keep the stretched length constant through all angles. Why does the stretch differ at different angles then? At a lot of about 7:30 my ligs should be sufficently loose; if my tunica is the limiting factor than why can I stretch further at lower angles…the tunica should still limit the stretch.

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I dunno, I guess the reason is that when you are pulling up the shaft is curled around the pubic bone but when pulling down there is nothing ‘in the way’ so to speak.


Maybe I should re-phrase this question; does anyone notice that their penis is longer when stretching it in one direction as opposed to another? What is your LOT?

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I guess that seems reasonable, but it seems like the limiting factor is different at the higher angles. Also, my skin is not as taught at the higher angles, probably due to the fact that it isn’t being stratched as far. Why can my tunica be stretched further in the down position but less in the upper angles? If my ligs are loose, why would my tunica be more stretchable in one position compared to another?

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You know, I think it is more a matter of perspective more than anything else. Once you are stretched out, you are stretched out. Holding the same stretch but moving it from down to up doesn’t change the length, only the angle at which you view it. Holding a down stretch you can easily see the birds eye view of the length, while holding an up stretch, you are unable to get a similar view from the bottom.

I think a side stretch to see how far it goes out on my hip (hopefully past someday), is a very impressive length stretch in the mirror, but once again, it is just a matter of perspective.

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