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All Night ADS (ANS) Project

“latex allergy”

Yes, anything that enters any body cells and does so over a period of time, can draw a response from antibodies. Antibodies are like police response in witch-hunt McCarthyist mode, in that they simply kill non-conforming or tainted cells, guilt by association with latex or sawdust. The alternative is white blood cells that engage in civil dialog and re-education, as in constructive argument and by teaching EATING and DIGESTING really harmful, and just plain foreign, material that would otherwise bring on the antibody police witch-hunt kill kill kill death-squadding, guilt-by-association mode i.e. allergy.

If you have enough white blood cells and your exposure window is only eight months, a typical pe phase, you probably won’t develop a latex allergy. And you could use silicone, if you could find it in less than 300 foot rolls!

I don’t understand how anyone avoids nocturnal erections. I can take a nap with an ADS, but I can’t sleep all night with one - not consistently.

I’ve done it a few times, but more often than not, I just get bothered by it and remove it.

As a side note, I’m wondering whether most nocturnal erections are just a function of the smooth muscle relaxing along with the rest of the body during sleep.

Regarding the comment about “latex allergy,” Monkeybar’s hanger avoids this problem, since its sleeve is silicone, which most people tolerate very well.

I once experimented with using a latex condom as an underwrap for my vacuum hanger, and that did cause some irritation. Now, I’ve moved onto a small strip of plain toilet paper. It gives me no problems and prevents the pinching that can occur between the glans cap and silicone sleeve.

Regarding nocturnal erections, it can be a bit annoying to have the ADS pulling down, but there’s never been any pain or discomfort. I have fewer problems when I lay off the Cialis ;) .

Using the ADS in an upward direction sounds like a good approach, unless your goal is to stretch your ligaments. A possible problem with this arrangement is the surgical tubing running around your neck. I know it doesn’t choke off your air or hit your jugular veins, but it does pull on the neck, which can be troublesome. I’d prefer some kind of shoulder harness that pulls on the shoulders rather than the neck. That would be more healthy, albeit less stealthy.

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