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6 months Disappointed


6 months Disappointed

Well, I hung for six months, working up to 15lbs with little results, if any. I will say I only did a 5 day a week routine, twice a day, 20 minutes each. That’s only forty minutes of hanging a day. I saw that others were successful doing limited hanging, that’s why I gave it a try.

I am going to continue for another 3 months, and try 3 X 20 minute sessions a day. The only reason I haven’t done more is privacy. I think I can squeeze in three 20 minute sessions a day. If at the end of three months, I don’t gain-I am going to call it quits on hanging and focus on getting massive girth. I have gained abut 3/4” in girth by clamping. I am 6 3/4 x 5 1/2. I feel only average. I feel if I an get to 6 1/2 in girth I will feel somewhat big. But, I will try for 3 more months of hanging.

Any thoughts from the Vets in hanging?


Don’t know if I’m a vet.. but I’ve made gains hanging, and they weren’t from an hour a day.

Minimum should be about 10 hours a week, spread out over the whole week. In other words you may not hang 10 hours in one day and take 6 days off. 3 or 4 sets a day, and it’d be best if they were split up, like morning and evening.

The more the merrier. Scarier. Hairier.

That limited time approach might work if you’re piling weight on every time. You’d need to completely fatigue the tissues by the end of the session.. to the point where you couldn’t hang half of what you started at.

I’d say do at least 2 hrs a day+, about 20 hours a week. I’ve been working my way up to around 40. And again this needs to be spread out somewhat evenly over the week.

You also should know which angle is going to give you the most gains, or at the very least, target only one angle. No hanging straight down one day and over the shoulder the next. BTC is always a good place to start.

Who gained from hanging that little?


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Take a decon-break and restart with lower weights - something in the 2 lbs range. I think you have strengthend tissues using too much weight.

I gain pretty well from hanging at first. Now its been 5-6months without any gains at all. I think there is a limit to how much someone can gain with hanging then it just stops. Im now trying chemical PE and already have pick up some grazy girth gains in just 30 days so that is my new focus stick with chemical PE for a while and see if i can break this length platue

Originally Posted by marinera

Take a decon-break and restart with lower weights - something in the 2 lbs range. I think you have strengthend tissues using too much weight.

Why on earth would you suggest someone take a decon break when they haven’t gained from their routine? And, why would you then suggest dropping the weight to within the range of an extender?

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

My suggestion is do not give up. I agree with much has been said, test your LOT and find out what angle is best to hang from. Next, the weight you use should be heavy enough to create fatigue within one or two sets at which point you should be reducing the weight. This means that you can grow from 3 to 4 sets as long as you are creating fatigue in your first two sets. Third, do not get caught up in the weight number I.e. 15lbs, go by feel and try to reach fatigue in the first set. Give up clamping, trying to combine the 2 with the privacy and time constraint you have is not working and will not work. You have to decide whether you want length or girth, your situation will not allow you to work on both at the same time. Use the time you have, if you can find an extra 10 min use them to hang. There is no law where your set has to always be 20min. Consistency is the key. Hang everyday of the week if you can, whether 1 set, 2sets, or 3sets. The guys are right the more the better but if you can’t, do what you can. If you can reach fatigue in your first set, drop the weight for the second set and get in a third, I think you will see progress in the next 3 months. If you can squeeze in an extra 10min here and there, you might be surprised but don’t give up.

I have a question on the tissue fatigue mentioned..
What should I/we be feeling if we are “fatigued”?
Just an explanation to compare to would be good.


This is a post I made over at MOS a little over a year ago. I hope this helps.

Sure. First off, I don’t bother with anything other than length work and only at one angle. With that said, I don’t jelk, balloon or engage in any other nonsense for that matter. I think this is important. I want to be able to feel soreness or fatigue only in the area I am focusing on. For me, it is the septum area of the tunica. When I upped the weight to 7 ½ lb, sometime during that set I felt what could be described as a quick sharp pain (like a bee sting) in the area of the tunica behind the hanger. It distracted me from my work on the computer momentarily. I didn’t think much of it, so I went about my business. Then, it happened again then again and again until it felt like hundreds of stings were cascading over my dick. This was impossible for me to ignore, so I immediately grabbed my bib and took the weight off, as it felt as though my dick was going to be torn off. I thought for a moment as to what the fuck just happened and decided to drop the weight 1 ¼ lb and lower the weight again, finishing my set. Reflecting back, it felt as though the nerves were firing off in rapid secession as the tissues were elongating. I have been managing that “feeling” ever since. Let me elaborate further. Fatigue for me is what is taking place ‘during’ my set, not soreness afterwards. In fact, I experience very little to no soreness after my sets throughout the day.

“Disclaimer”: I’ve never found anything in a forum describing what ‘fatigue’ feels like. I’m sure it is a touchy subject, as no one wants to be responsible for someone else hurting themselves. And, I am sure that fatigue for you may feel different than what I perceive as fatigue. So, with that said, please be careful. Over on bib’s forum there is a topic called ‘managing fatigue’ it is very good reading, I highly suggest it.

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

You should have read up a lot more about general hanging theory. 40 minutes per day.unless your LOT is ridiculously high and your tendons very weak (ie Bib) you’re not going to gain much with that. There are a lot of threads here that discuss, in depth, the strategies and reasoning behind hanging - and time and privacy needed to do it sucessfully.

If you have put in that time hanging for six months you should have seen some gains, at least a half inch. How is your body weight? If your more than 15lbs over ideal weight you could possibly pick up length through weight loss. The good news is that hanging will help with girth in your quest for size. It maybe that you are in the “hard gainer” category and length will be difficult to increase significantly. Sometimes that just the way the ball bounces.

I am going to try 4 times a day for three months and then measure. I’ll be back!

Originally Posted by marinera
Take a decon-break and restart with lower weights - something in the 2 lbs range. I think you have strengthend tissues using too much weight.

Good God no! This is not how hangers have ever gained. Xeno had a theory that they would, but…

Either up the weight and time, or just quit hanging and try something else.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

I am uping the weight and time. Each month I go up 2 1/2 lbs and I am going from 2 X 20min sets to 4 X 20 min sets per day for five day schedule.

The solution to your lack of gains does not appear to be a certain weight but fatigue. There are guys who have made gains doing 3 20min sets a day. Look up Hanging 101 and Tom Hubbard. I reiterate my previous post because I want you to succeed. Test your LOT so you will know which angle to work from, then hang slowly increasing the weight until you reach fatigue within the first two sets (preferably the first set). Drop the weight for the next set and continue. Also 5 days a week is a mistake, while some have gain from this the best method is everyday if possible. If you reach fatigue, drop the weight ride that fatigue for 2-3 set thereafter, hang everyday possible. And use the angle your LOT dictate, I believe you will solve your problem.

Bigpill’s advice is supported by this detailed, but very straightforward explanation—

Originally Posted by Bib
For the vast majority of guys, it is silly to think they will gain without reaching fatigue, and actually feeling tissue deformation. Some guys have reported initial gains without becoming fatigued, but this generally does not last long within their PE career. Sooner or later they have to break some eggs to make a large penis.

Although I’m new, I would like to make some observations in light of the above information—you can tell me what you think.

If you’re not reaching the right level of fatigue, I don’t see how you can expect to gain. If you are getting plenty of tissue deformation, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your PIs. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like you’re not spending nearly enough time hanging. Isn’t just a few sessions a day more like a maintenance program? Or, is there a chance you’ve misread your own PIs, and you’ve somehow overloaded yourself?

If your routine is not working, do you think it might be time for a change? There are thousands of ways you could change your routine. Here’s an example.You could try & ramp things up with some stealth PE/ wearing an ADS of some kind 4 to 8+ hrs a day in addition to your routine (since time by yourself appears to be your limiting factor). I don’t think I’ve never seen a post where someone wore an ADS several hours a day, in addition to a good routine, and didn’t get great results.

No one knows you better than you know yourself—and ultimately whether you gain or not is really up to you. I’m not sure if it really matters how you get to your goal, as long as you reach it injury free.

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