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6 months Disappointed


Originally Posted by marinera
I’m interpretating Buby’ beliefs, because I suppose he’s pretty busy right now. He could correct me later. 1440 lbs/H is the optimal number, on average. This is based on the extender time x tension recommended use.

Given that extenders instructions says generally that a minimum of 4 h/day wearing the device is needed, anyone can do his calcs. The minimal number to see gains is 480, and so on.

Pound Per Minute Theory PPM

Reading that reminded me that there are plenty of ADS devices, which could help you reach your optimum number of lbs/H.

One more thing—you didn’t say whether you’re hanging SO, BTC, OS or otherwise. Perhaps you’ve just been hanging the same way for too long, and this caused you to plateau.

Originally Posted by Bib
The tissues of the penis are fairly tough. Just hanging for one set, at one angle, then letting it heal, is not going to produce much progress. You have to hit a specific set of tissues with a weight which will cause deformation, for a significant amount of traction time.
Working with SO Angles; stick with one or do several together?

More advice from the PE legend Bib—just wanted to give you ‘another angle’.


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