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What Does A Penis Extender Feel Iike too You?

What Does A Penis Extender Feel Iike too You?

Basically the title, I’ve had a penis extender since January and I have not gained any lenght yet. I have gained girth though.

I have been using it 6-8 hours a day for 2 months straight. The first month I was stretching way to much, I was ripping the skin.

I’m just trying to find the ‘sweet spot’.

I’m basically just wondering what it suppose to feel like. This is probably going too be impartial but I thought I’d try.

Also I’m confused on will I actually grow if I’m not stretching past the bpel. It seems to be split down about 50-50 online.

So right now I’m stretching 6.5 inches which is my el (not bpel) and it feels tight on the underside of my penis from the base almost to the glands.

I feel a nice stretch, almost a light burning throughout my penis.

How does that sound?

That is ok. A slight burn is ok. Pain not..

If you gained girth then you are probably, as you said, did it with too much tension. The dick toughens up.
I recommend you more time with less intensity first. Also introduce warmth/heat espacially before starting the session.
Also. relax your pelvic floor and any tension in your msucles down there.

Any stretch will provoke a reaction by the tissue. This happens mostly between your NBPEL - BPFSL.
If you do too less no gains. If you do too much = at worst toughening.
The sweet spot is somewhere between the two cases. So ease into it until you hit it. First increase time before you increase intensity/tension.

Also do some manual stretches before and inbetween extender sessions. I recommend helicopter stretches in to different directions. 30 Seconds in every direction might already be enough.

Thanks a lot Dicker, I will do all of those. I’m going to have a problem with the warming up. I live with 2 others in a little appt and one is always home. I shower every other day as I workout those days. So I guess I could warm up in the shower, but I still need too warm up on the non other workout days.

I’m going to start running when it gets warmer out. So maybe a can squeeze another shower in and alternate the days.

Thank You

Here are my thoughts after 5 months of use. In the extender the unit feels stretched, elongated and under tension without burning. Occasionally, a localized burning sensation occurs but I have learned this is due to the skin being pulled or folded slightly under the compression ring or the tissue at the base being pinched at the base. Readjusting solves this. So if what you are asking is how it feels in terms of comfort I think you are ok. Definitely use heat as a warm up prior to putting on the extender or at least for 30 minutes after you have put it on. If you can apply heat intermittantly throughout the period you have it on so much the better. Warmth is critical to relaxing the tissues and to stimulate circulation. Extender results are very slow. Plan on at least a one year committment to a consistent routine.

Theere are many possiblities for heat you can apply direclty to the dick.

A hot washcloth, heatbag, heatlamp. electrical heating pad…

Right now I have 1 inch and 1/2 inch elongation bars, which perfectly reaches. Now I’m just using process of elimination lowering the length and tension too find the perfect fit.

So I’m trying to find a balance between not burning but almost burning. Lol

6-8 hours a day for 2 months straight is very good, keep it up. Warm-ups and warm-downs are important. Heat is crucial to PE too, I wrap a bag of heated cherry-stones around my extender for the first of my extending sessions to get my penis as relaxed as possible. I think being two months in you should be extending at your BPEL or atleast your NBPEL. Results take a while to come, just keep at it, you’re getting a decent amount of hours in a day, more than me anyway!

07/10/14 - 6.5" BPEL - 5.5" MsEG

29/01/15 - 7" BPEL - 5.5" MsEG

12/10/17 - 7.4" BPEL - 5.6" MsEG

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Theere are many possiblities for heat you can apply direclty to the dick.
A hot washcloth, heatbag, heatlamp. electrical heating pad…

Rice sock last about an hr.

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