Vice extender

I have designed a new kind of extender, which is not very complicated to build. You just need 2 threaded rods, 2 bolts, 4 nuts, and some polymorph plastic.

I have never got a such good attachment system for the head. I have only worn it during few days, with sessions of 200 minutes, sets of 20 minutes (not more as the blood circulation is interrupted).

I have reached a bpfsl (withing the device) of 8.7”. My precedent record was 8.6” (with the lingam extender as a hanger), 1 and a half year ago. I fell then to 8.5” and have been stuck at this level since then. It’s the first time that my penis reaches 8.7” whatever is the method used.

Which is very promising! Even if I don’t think I have yet got any impact outside of the extender for the moment.

I have the feeling that it could be the proper device for vets that want to push limits.

The wrap : chamois skin + theraband.

The vice bars must have a height of 1.2” and a width of 0.6”.

200 minutes for the session, it’s too much. It would be better to do shorter sessions with sets of 15 minutes. Try to do 5 minutes at “bpel” inches nbpfsl, 5 minutes at “bpel”+0.1” inches nbpfsl, and then 5 minutes at “bpel”+0.2 inches nbpfsl. For the last minute, you can push the bars at your limit with a reasonable pain, note the final bpfsl to follow the evolution.

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2010.04 : 15.9 x 13.8 | 24,0° [BPEL x MSEG, in cm | left curvature]

2012.04 : 19.2 x 15.9 | 21,3°

2015.05 : 20.3 x 16.3 | 24.3° Progress log - Pictures