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Holy Shit, he is only like a 20 minute drive from me. I took a few classes at the county college around the corner.

Bibster has a patent (pending) or some shit. Says on all his products etched in the mold/plastic.

Looks like a decent product and is the first POST PE site product that actually acknowledges other products and doesn’t scream everything else is utter shit. About time.

Congrats and good luck.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Looks like a great set of equipment on that site, but I have a couple of questions abuot it. From their FAQs:

“Will my penis get thinner as it gets longer using either penis stretchers or penis weight hanging devices?

Why not? What prevents thinning? Is it that you do girth exercises at the same time?

What kind of metal are the weights?

DEscriptions of the AutoADH and AutoEXT units have me wondering: The ADH says that it works by stretching the ligament, but sites for products similar to the EXT say that they force the flesh (not the ligament) to grow by putting pressure on it. Is that correct? Do they operate on different principles?

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I just tried the link and keep getting told the link goes nowhere.

They go off-line on Sundays?

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Just try a couple hours later, he is probably working on his site.

Hi all.

I just came across this link (one of my customer told me). I am the one who is selling this product. I been a member here for couple of years and several more years doing PE. Yes, this product was created from my frustration with other products. I’ve spent over $2000 in PE products over the years and wasn’t happy with any one of them ( only thing I still use is the penis pump). Most of the product that I tried is either too uncomfortable or just plain imposible to use (my jr knows too much pain). One thing led to another, I decided to create my own - I never intended to sell my product - I still work in high paying job.

Let me first say, my product is not perfect. No product is… I just tried to make something that is somewhat livable. Nothing more. Well, after spending over 20 grands (Yes I’m a nut - mostly spent on learning and equipments) developing this stuff, I finally came up with something thats livable.

As for BIB (not just BIB, but all the others), my patent lawyer did a extensive research to make sure that I’m not infringing on anyone’s creativity. Again, I never intended to sell this device, but afer while I thought it was good enough to help others. This devices are now itself patented (head).

To this day, I’m not making money on device (not even close to investment and time spent (ask my wife) and that wasn’t the goal - the price I’m selling is slightly above my break even point You know even my electricity bill doubled). On some occasions, I actually tell people not to buy this product since I didn’t think they know what they are getting into (you’ll be amaze how many people think wearing this device for 1 hour a day will make them big).

The AutoEXT was never intended to be worned in public. I done it (wearing pleated dockers), but I don’t think you should wear any rod based system if you are intending to move around a lot - your penis should be free to move around and not be bound (imagine walking around with penis pump). Thats why I developed 2 different products. One to be worned under cloth and another to use at home. I found that this works well as I use AutoADH during the day and use pump (1/2 hour) and AutoEXT at night. Again, lots of thought went into my design and why I did things certain way.

The development of my product is a culmination of various factors, including looking at my hand and how it holds the penis for hours at a time (again, I’m a nut and very obssessive), trying many many prototypes, and yes reading variety of forums and understanding how others experience translate into my own experience. Okay, if you want my patent, here it is… opps sorry I can’t, I spent too much money on the lawyer (only one who made money). If you look carefully, there are lots of what I call “great point”. For example, when I was using PM, I barely could get the strap part to fit into extending rod, then found out that rod will not stretch much longer… I decided that I want something that wasn’t difficult to attach and pull as much as I want, without limitatation. Again, I spent way too much time thinking about this device. If you want, you could even make this - there are lots of hardware that you could order from McMasters or others that could be fashioned to work like my device. Thats what got me started. If you want, I could even post one of my first prototype that uses very large nut and rod system. Just let me know.

As for PM/JES head modification… It took longer than I expected due to the new silicone material I formulated. Near the completion of this project, I formulated a new silicone material that is almost like a skin. It is very very soft, while not giving out when pressure is on. With this new material, my hanging time increased from 1 hour to 2 hours before break. With that I had to re-mod the modification and the new material will be used in all products. I’ll post more detail pictures in few days (in review section, I think that is the rule).

If you are my previous customer, you will get the new head (I usually mention this when they purchase my product that they get a 1 free upgrade whenever anything is changed - but I may forgot for couple of customers (again, I have a job and doing this takes lot of time). Only thing I ask is that you cover the postage and molding fee (about $30 total).

I’m sorry if I rambled on and I wasn’t trying to push this product here, but I had to respond. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (sorry I don’t come here often, need sleep).

Thank you.

Oh sorry, I’m having server problem. It should be fixed now. Thats what I get for pay $11 a month.


I was thinking of getting one but I don’t want you to lose anymore money so I will hold off on my order. But really bro it looks like a nice product and I may just try one.

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Thanks for posting monkeybar, I will certainly be buying one of the PM/JES head modifications. The price you are asking for your extender is the best I have seen among similar products.

Originally Posted by monkeybar
Oh sorry, I’m having server problem. It should be fixed now. Thats what I get for pay $11 a month.

Thanks for all the updates. Just one question: How do you ship? Mail? UPS?

I started a new thread in review section. I believe that is the only place I could mention my product as a commercial member. Thanks

I already have the PM but I love that Clamp attachment!
Its design looks looks far superior to PM or Jes.
It looks kind of like a mini Bib Hanger. :)
If he could sell just the clamp part in a way that will attach to the PM

I would absolutely buy one!

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I think you’ll find he does Super! :nodding:

:-k Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me again that is, because I’m pretty sure I just read all about it in the review department :leftie:

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Wow - I knew someone would make one of these eventually! :up: It’s amazing that the big companies still haven’t rolled out clamp-based products.

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