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No matter how you look at it, you are putting pressure on your penis - whether you are wrapping it with a noose/strap or clamp - cutting circulation.

I think its a wise move to take a break when you feel like you need to (even if you are not turning blue, if you don’t feel comfortable, just take a break). Its your body telling you to do something. If you are new to this, you will need to train your jr. Don’t follow what everyone is saying - seem to be 1 hour is the norm. Just follow what you think is right. You will get use to it and able to stretch longer as time passes.

The only difference between modified head and others are the way it grab your penis. Nothing more. It will not make you gain faster than any other device given same amount of usage. In my opinion (and only my opinion) modified head is more comfortable than the strap (haven’t tried the noose) so you should be able to stretch little longer, in theory. Again go with what your body is telling you.

The other impression I get is that people (few have asked) seem to think that device will replace their PE regiment. My experience is that you still need to have a complete PE regiment. Although I would love to say my product is responsible for my gain, it didn’t. It helped, but I still had to do stretching (I think this is very important), pumping (every other day for girth) and and device stretching. For example, here is my basic routine:

1) morning stretch - 5 minutes
2) commute
3) get coffee, work a little then put on all day hanger.
4) I wear this pretty much all day (1 hour on 10 minute break)
5) come home, do husband stuff (basically 3 hour break)
6) use extender for about 2 hour (watching TV, etc)
6.1) every other day. Pump for 1/2 hour, then use extender for 1 to 2 hours or free style hanging with ADH.

Although it looks like much, some days I don’t do any or do only some. I basically listen to my jr - some days he just dosn’t want to be stretched. The whole logic of this is to listen to your body - this is not an exact science. The other thing is that lot of these activities will become second nature as time passes. You just have to stick with it and not get frustrated because you haven’t made any gain after 2 months. It will come!

By the way, everything is on target and all will be shipped on Monday. Expect 2 to 5 day delivery depending on where you live (I’m in northeast).


Thanks 5phil5, Mr. Happy, and Monkeybar. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Mr. Happy,

I hear you on the girth issue. On account of the “rubber band theory,” I haven’t really been trying for girth. But it’s all I’m gaining. I did some hanging in the past, but I don’t have the privacy for it now. (When I was hanging, I did gain about 1/4” or 3/8” length.) Stretching and jelqing on their own gave me no length. I’ve recently started pumping (combined with jelqing), and I want to add a stretcher. I know Supersizeit and others have got gains from pumping and a PM, some from just pumping or a PM. I still hang when I can, which is not often. In future, I should be able to do more hanging. My ultimate goal is more girth. But I want a bit more length to “carry” the girth aesthetically. Things are already starting to look a bit blockish down there. So I’m hoping the stretcher, pumping, jelqing, and occasional hanging will get me there.


I agree, a total PE program is important. As stated above, I plan on adding a stretcher to what I’m already doing. You say that the stretcher alone is not responsible for your gains. I hope that, in combination with the other PE activities, that a stretcher will allow me to make some length progress.

Actually, thats where most of the gain came from as it is the major part of my regiment. What I was trying to say was to do other excercise to complement the overall PE regiment. This way you are hitting every aspect of ligament stretching.

Thanks again Monkeybar. You are certainly correct that a full regime of PE practices is important for success. Thank you for expressing this in the context of the promotion of your products.

Monkeybar, am I reading your discount right, is it $50.00 off if you purchase both extenders - if so is there a discount for just one - it’s the AUTOext I would just like to buy. Thanks in advance.

Thats for those users who purchased the modified head only. I could do a group buy at some point, but right now I have to ship out the existing order and hopefully get some sleep once they are filled (it takes long time to make each one).

Hey Monkeybar:

I screwed up again—I need the whole device but only ordered the Thunders Special—I’ll send you a PM and hopefully you can straighten it out—order thatis. Steve

Hey Monkeybar, is the Autoext quite noticable under sweat pants?

“Hey Monkeybar, is the Autoext quite noticable under sweat pants?”

The rod does go down flat. I’m not sure about the sweat pants. I typically wear stiff boxer (ralph lauren, polo) and pleated docker. With this, it does stick out a little, however, it should only be noticed by you and not others. The only reason that you notice them is because you are wearing it.

I’ll post some pics this weekend.


When my Auto-Stretcher arrives, how long should a beginner work with it and WHEN should one begin to raise time? What would be a good routine incorporating pumping one day and stretching the other day?. I saw on you site that you did both.




The Auto Stretcher arrived today and I can’t wait to try it out. I took the weights (I ordered an extra one) into the bathroom here at the office but I started to get a semi erection and got nervous and pulled it off. I guess that cold hard steel just made me too excited.

Anyway, I will be trying the product as soon as my staff leaves for the day.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


I’m anxious to try out your new attachment for the PM. I ordered it on Tue 3-28-05. When do you think I’ll have it - live in SF Bay Area


You have a PM

Originally Posted by regress NO WAY
I’m anxious to try out your new attachment for the PM. I ordered it on Tue 3-28-05. When do you think I’ll have it - live in SF Bay Area


I too ordered mine on Monday. When do you think it will arrive in Southern CAlifornia?



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