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No, but I am going to order the ADS and will let you know. I will have to start wearing long pants again and I hate that, but it looks like a decent device.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


Have recently purchased an autoextender having previously been using an andro medical stretcher. The reason I opted to change was because I found that as I increased the length of the rods with the andro device it became very difficult to attach the loop around the head of the penis. With autoextender you clamp the penis into place before adjusting the length of the rods, this is a much better system. Also because it uses a clamp type mechanism the pressure is applied to the side of the penis shaft, not around the head, and is therefore far more comfortable. Another reason I stopped using the andro device was because I developed a horse shoe type swelling on the penis head, and after an hour of wearing the loop it felt as if the head was being pulled off. This doesn’t occur with autoextender. Basically I was going to make my own ADS, but the came across Autoextender, which basically put into practice all the modifications I wanted to change with the andro unit. With time commitments it just seemed easier to buy a new one. Though I have only used it very sparingly so far I can tell you that in comparison with the other ADS units I have seen, such as Andro, Penimaster and Jez, this is a far superior product, you can tell those who designed it have had experience with other stretchers and have simply modified to maximise comfort and ease of use, which with ADS is the key component. The only negative I have is that for the money (can’t remember exactly how much), it seems to be a little to home made, doesn’t have the professional finish of the other units (could have easily made one myself for a tenth of the price). However, if it does the job who cares!

:-k It looks like a bit of Bib’s Hanger on the end of a Jes-Extender to me.

I’m pleased to hear it’s much more comfortable, for that is one thing the Jes-Extender is not! :noreally:

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Not sure, think I read somewhere, perhaps here, that they are going to make an attachment that fits PM or Jes, however, it is still important to be able to adjust the length of the rods after you have clamped the penis head, and I know that with the andro medical stretcher this wouldn’t be possible even with autoextender attachment. Don’t know if this is true for PM or Jes but from what I have seen on their websites it seems unlikely

Hey Thunder

Hey bro, but I don’t know if you noticed about the machine, unlike the other two PM, and Jes, but if you flip through the pictures of it (auto), you will noticed that the bolts on the side they extend beyond the head, it looks like it would do a real number on anybody’s clothes.


No, it comes with three different size rods, and at then moment the I am using the shortest so the head is right at the end, unlike in the picture. However, it is slightly bulkier than my previous ADS so it is more detectable under clothing. But, these things are best worn in private anyway so it shouldn’t really matter. As for getting caught on clothes this could be a problem when using the longer rods, but could easily put some tape or something around the ends.

Hey Thunder, it’s the picture when it’s all together, very last picture.

It looks comfortable I like the clamp part I’m not so sure about those rubber bands. It looks like a nice hanger not to big but can the rubber bands keep it on with some heavy weight on it.

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I think Bib should run to the patent office, quick!

That attachment looks far superior to the noose type.

But when I read the copy, I get the suspicion that somebody from this forum (either a present or past member) may be behind that. Did you catch several phrases like “all day hanger” and “ADH” (very similar to ADS), and also the reference to “informed PE’ers”?

I’ve never seen that type of wording on any of those traction device sites.

Also, the attachment looks so much like a Bib hanger knockoff. And the stuff looks high quality; either Bib, or somebody ripping off Bib.

My first impression is very favorable. The prices are reasonable, too. I especially like that their advertising encourages realistic goals and progress.

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