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Question for Extender users

Question for Extender users

When describing length in the ‘device’ (whichever one it may be), you hear people talking about stretching to their ‘BPEL’. Now, my question is this: does that mean you are measuring with the ruler bone pressed when the device is on? Is it a NBP (in device) degree of stretch that equated to your ‘out of device’ BPEL?

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

I personally use BPEL. Not sure what others are using.

I make my own use with the extender. I do a maximum stretch in each direction. So basically I stretch out as far as my penis can handle outward. Then do the same for the up position and the down position. I get a lot of ligament burn during this exercise. It can get painful towards the final centimeter of the stretch. The pain is caused by the base of the extender being pushed very firmly into your pubic area.

My goal is to stretch my penis out to a new personal best length almost every day. I do a stretch in the morning which equals my personal best. I then do a second stretching session in the afternoon in which I am to set a new personal best. The afternoon session can get painful.

I understand that this exercise can leave you prone to injuries. However I haven’t been able to find any other exercise which can hit the ligaments so fiercely.

This is the only exercise that I have been doing for 3 months and I have gained a tad over 3/4”. No heat was used either.

Thanks for the input pudendum and status135 :up:

Originally Posted by status135
This is the only exercise that I have been doing for 3 months and I have gained a tad over 3/4”. No heat was used either.

That’s some mighty impressive gains.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Ligament damage means cocks which hang funny.

I use my ADS upwards, always - it’s going to take 10x longer to work but my cock may end up better off for it.

inches-au What type of gains are you attempting to achieve? Pulling upward has very little effect on the suspensory ligaments Do you do any PE that involves pulling in any other direction than up? I would assume that your emphasizing tunic stretch. Tunica stretching requires significant deformation forces for successful length gains. I think 10x longer with typical low force ADS is a very conservative estimate.

If you have a surgeon cut your suspensory ligaments to make you look longer, your penis will definitely hang funny. There are guys out there with naturally long loose ligaments who have never done PE. They don’t hang funny. If you safely and sensibly stretch with an extender, lengthening by suspensory ligament elongation can be very successful (and you won’t hang funny). It’s like any other type of PE, you must be safe and sensible.

Sorry to bump my own thread. Was it clear what I was asking?

When you’re trying to stretch to BPEL in the extender, do you measure BP or NBP - I think that’s clearer, thanks.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

They mean using only the pressing exerted by the device; i.e. they mean that measeuring from the base of the device to tip of the penis, without pressing the ruler with bodily forces. The device is, at this point, at some degree forced in your pubic area, so that measuring is, at the same time, NBP and BP.

All those reported significant gains from extenders did maybe never use of so much force to extend the length of the penis in the device near the daily BPEL - It’s not the concept besides extenders devices, and is believed to be counterproductive.

Ah so you don't BP, thanks marinera :up: :up:

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

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Originally Posted by Klayton
Ah so you don't BP, thanks marinera :up: :up:

Proud to help the little I can :) .


Hey I I just have a few questions well I have been using the x4labs withe the comfort strap and I feel lik I don’t get much stretch so I switched up to the noose do you think the noose will hold my gains bck or it’s ok to use the noose I just want sine length I’m 5.5 :( girth 4.6

I measure BP in my extender. Not from where my extender base is. I believe that the weight of the extender has a part to play. Too much force just leads to tougher scare tissue and then more force.

Starting Stats: 5 3/4 bpel, 4 7/8 eg. Current Stats: 6 3/4 bpel, 5 1/2 eg. Goal: 9 x 6

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