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Question for AFB /Bib users?

Question for AFB /Bib users?

I made my own AFB hanger a couple of weeks ago using some scrap aluminum I had lying around. Started using it yesterday.
I’ve been using the grip for a long time, so, the first thing I noticed

is the difference in pull on the shaft. I’m fed up the grip because of the sleeves stretching out of shape and the hour glass sheath is completely worn out so I needed something better, more reliable and no parts to break down or buy.

I’ve got the wraping pertty much down pat. But I noticed that with only 5 lbs it feels like a ton once the weight is applied and the pressure in the head seems tremendous. Is that something you will get use to over time?

Also, I place the hanger about mid shaft so when it rises up some it doesn’t go up over the head. One thing I really like about this rig is that the wraping is much simpler than all the grip crap.

I’m using Coach brand sports wrap and it works really well, no slipping at all.

Anyway, after using it for about 10 minutes I checked the head for coldness and it was a little cold but not to bad.

The stretch is different from the grip but I do feel a good tug on the ligs. By using it over time will I get use to the head pressure? is this normal? I really think i’ll like using the AFB but wanted to

check with you guy’s to see if i’m on the right track.



If the pressure in the head is great, you need to squeeze all of the blood out of your head before attaching the hanger. Also, make sure your wrap is loose and the hanger is tight as hell. That combination provides the most secure and snug fit…

But make sure you squeeze the blood out and “slide” the wrapping forward over the head before you attach the hanger to rid the head of excess blood.

This should help.

Also, since you are just getting started, you will probably get lots of skin stretch which isn’t that fun, but it will subside in a few days, and then you should feel it in the ligs more.

Do a search on skin stretch or lig pull and you’ll see what I mean.


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