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Jelq Before, After Or Both (Extender Use)

Jelq Before, After Or Both (Extender Use)

Hey guys, I’m back on my extender. I was wondering if it’s better to jelq before or after extender use. ( I’m talking about before I even put it on and when I take it off too go to sleep then jelq) or both? Does anyone have experience with jelqing twice (begin and finish)
an extender.

Right now I’m jelqing before, but if I could do both (before and after) it would be nice. Of course I’d watch out for negative PIs.

I always jelqed after, and just did a few warm up stretches before traction.

After, definitely.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Makes sense thru a physiologic way, thanks guys.

Yeah, I always felt like I couldn’t get as good of a stretch if I jelqued first, so I agree with everybody else above.

No no no, Jelq first, then wear the extender on light traction. The reason for this is, after you jelq you want your penis to heal in an elongated state. You want long hours of elongation, but you don’t want to stretch your penis the furthest it can go. Hope I helped.

I use a mix too.
Start with warm up and extender for a while.

Only then do stretches and jelq.
Back in the extender after jelqing and shower to keep it “out there”

If I can repeat some extender before going to bed on a milder tension I do.
It all takes time but seems to work so far.

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