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Is It dangerous to wear Static Stretcher when you go to bed


Originally Posted by marinera
And, Dick Builder, it’s not the point if Mr. Happy was speaking to you or not; the point is: he knows what he speaks about, and he’s giving good advices. Right? :)

Mr. Happy quoted me in his post. So, yes it does matter whether or not he was wrong about my position on this topic. If he wasn’t referring to me then he should have been clearer.

Well, since you ask. No, I don’t think either you or Mr. Happy are giving good advice on the topic. In fact, you both seem very misinformed about the static stretcher in both form and function. And, it’s been the attempts at correcting your sweeping generalizations that have seriously derailed this topic. Not to say that your input isn’t valuable - it is. But, the original poster was looking for input from those that had actual experience with the product while sleeping. Right? :)

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Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

Ok, check this out. I’ve worn it to sleep several times.

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Just my $.02.

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