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Has anyone tried using an ADS for over a year???


Originally Posted by marinera
I don’t know if the customer service knew anything scientific about penis growth. By what I know, vendors of commercial devices don’t know anything deep about this subject: they only think :”Keep it pulled, and it will be longer.”

So said, connective tissue elongation tends to plateau after a given number of hours/day under tension. The penis is mainly composed by connective tissue. Make you the sillogism.

I think this is totally true. Really, I don’t think you can count on info you get from a vendor. You have to go to the forums and to sites that don’t sell, but are up as info databases. Here’s one I read often, and they have specific info on extenders:


Originally Posted by newnew997
I figure even if ADS doesn’t work, it keeps you stretched to let you heal more in that stretched state, so it is a benefit either way.

I agree with that theory. Optimally you would stretch in the AM, put the ADS on for the day and then jelq at night. I try to put the ADS on post PE or post stretch. I haven’t done it long enough to make claims of success though.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

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When I use it before PE, I feel like I’m doing more during my session, then keeping it extended afterwards at least lets me know that I am not turtling. It also gives me an idea when of when my flaccid length is stretching farther.

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Originally Posted by Monty:
Here is an over view of what I’m talking about.

Leon asked:What sort of course do you recommend for those PE weights. At the moment i’m hanging 10 hours a week. It would very nice to be able to cut this down to five hours. How long should Iwear your weights for? Are they still ok when sitting down?

In answer to your question below: You should be able to cut your hanging time down to a reasonable amount. 5 hours should be enough. You see after your hanging sessions the Rings will prevent the normal retraction that you’ll get when you do nothing for the next 24 hours. That’s assuming that your doing one hanging session per day. If your doing more then that then you might not be experiencing any regression but that means a great deal of time out of your day.
My normal schedule would be hanging in the afternoon when I got home from work and for the rest of the day and all day the next day until my session time came around I would wear the Rings. I found that they prevented any losses that normally occurred and my progress became rather consistent. Weekends I didn’t do any hanging but I did keep the Rings on. So in addition to the above findings I found also that I could go days without a hanging session and when I looked at my data over a long period of time my gains were still consistent with consecutive hanging results. So in effect the Rings became not only an insurance against losses but also acted as a bridge for normal life inconsistencies of my routine.

The more direct answer to your question is: Keep the rings on as much as possible and carry out your normal hanging routine. Together is how everything works best.

One of the additional advantages is the prevention of plateau’s. Working within the healing cycles of the body is the key to consistent gains. When you allow a time interval between stress periods (hanging) for healing to take place the body is going to strengthen the tissues that were damaged or stressed during the hanging. Everyone’s healing rate or cycle period is different. If you can keep disruption in the tissues between hanging sessions then you will have consistent gains. If you don’t then you will be fighting the bodies natural ability to heal and strengthen what it recognizes as something wrong, namely stressed tissues somewhere in the body. Plateau’s will demand heavier hanging sessions which is the biggest reason for guys ending up trying to hang 35 to 45 lbs. That is one scary hanging weight and really is dangerous. This should be unnecessary . I’ve hung 3 years and I still use less then 20 lbs to accomplish gains. Very heavy weights should be unnecessary.

The question about sitting effectiveness of the rings is this: Once you have the rings on they not only provide a consistent tug while your up and about but they also act as a traction device preventing regression. Obviously a loss of the weight while sitting can’t be avoided without a hole in your chair but think of it this way. If every time you stand up your penis is being pulled with 2lbs of weight hanging on it your going to keep the disruption of the tissues which is afterall is all we’re interested in. Certainly a constant pull from a stretcher is nice but when you look at the statistics of each you won’t find any difference except you have to guard yourself all the time with all that apparatus in your pants. I don’t know about you but I don’t think they make pants THAT loose.


Monty, Dyou have a picture r drawing of how you put/keep the weights on?

Originally Posted by SteadyGains
Monty, Dyou have a picture r drawing of how you put/keep the weights on?

Try: Wrapping for PEweights Video

You can download the video from there.

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Originally Posted by TheContinental
Look for westsidetony’s thread. He wore his for 12 hours or more a day, anywhere and everywhere. I think he gained 2 inches in a few months.

My gains (start 1-1-2007)

Thank you so much TheContinental for posting that link! I know I have seen that thread before, but it completely slipped my mind. Its as great of proof as any as far as I can tell!

Originally Posted by Thick Cock
Yeah, but he also jelqed and stretched for a half hour a day and then an hour a day each. Bottom line is, ADS alone doesn’t produce gains after you’ve made newbie gains. You must stretch and/or jelq in conjunction with ADS to see length gains.

Yeah Thick, regular Jelqing and stretching would have been my intention all along.

Monty, thanks for posting man! A true PE vet among us! I totally agree that an initial event such as hanging, stretching or jelqing would be necessary first and the ADS would serve to help heal in an extended state.

Sorry to all the posts I have yet to respond to… Its late and I need some sleep. I am seriously thinking of giving this an honest go…

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Dude I am doing it as soon as I get the xsleeve. I plan on wearing it like a vac hanger.

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