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Advice using my new Max Xtender

Advice using my new Max Xtender

I just started using my new max xtender about 3 days ago. If I didn’t say that I was a bit nervous to put the head of my penis in a noose, I’d be lying. Anyways I have began doing it at about an hour at a time. While Kegaling. I just wanted to get some info in regards to the length of time I should use it per session. I do notice that my penis head does get cold but no discoloration.

In the mean time I have noticed that my hang is a little longer and fuller.

Any feedback will help.



678 uses a MaxXtender and likes it. Hopefully he will chime in here, maybe tomorrow (Halloween is a big thing for a family man). I have not tried one, but did use a penistretcher - a noose device - a few years ago. I’m not certain, but I think cold is bad even if color is good. Until somebody here who knows better posts differently, I would suggest loosening the loop and squeezing blood up to the head every 10-15 minutes while you use it. You might be OK otherwise, but I would rather see you be too careful than get an injury!

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Yeah, I’m keeping an eye on the cold. But no discoloration means it’s getting some blood flow. I have even used a heat wrap during just to promote max flow. Im gonna start mixing in a light jelq session to get some quick blood up in there.

Thanks for replying.

I do have and use the Max Extender a couple of times a week. I have worked around the noose thing by wrapping the head of my dick, semi tight with a strip of terry cloth about 2” wide X 9” long then I wrap again with a self stick Ace bandage to hold it all in place before I put on the noose. I make sure that the head of my dick is able to be seen so that I can see it for proper color and touch it for temperature. I believe it has contributed to my gains but I don’t wear it for more than an hour at a time. Do not let the head get too cool or discolored too much. I think the Max Extender gives a great stretch and is well worth the price. I also use a Penimaster which I just received a week or so ago as well as a PowerJelq.

Good luck


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


I had one a long time ago, I thought it was uncomfortable and dangerous but I think it did make my head bigger but I don’t think I got any other gains from it. I bought it about 3.5 years ago it was a lot cheaper than.


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I have used the Max Extender as well and found it not only to be dangerous (as it uses a noose) but also to be a big pain in the ass to put on .It was also very uncomfortable. After using it for a few hours a day during about a two month time I noticed a circular like indentation that was right below my glans and went all the way around it. It was from the noose. Three years later and it is still there. Use the Max Extender at your own risk.

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