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Help advice - serious injury

Help advice - serious injury


I am new to the forum, and only found this forum when doing a search to help identify what I may have done to myself. There seems to be lots of good advice and information shared in this forum, so I thought that I would make contact in the hope of some advice/ experience. And also to share my bad experience.

I am unable to find any posts relating to my particular problem, hence starting a new thread.

I recently read about jelqing and stretching as a form of enlargement, so I did some minimal research and followed a routine that I read from an answers forum (forget which).

I followed this routine for 3 days..

This routine consisted; of a 5 minute warm up (with hot towel)
5 Stretches each for 3 minutes in 5 directions (up, down, left, right and straight)
After each stretch a rest and a twirl.
After the stretches an additional warm up and then 300 jelqs (25 mins)
Massage for 5 mins
Then a warm down for 5 mins (with hot towel)

I followed this routine for 3 consecutive days. After the first two days there was no problems, so continued with one more before I would take a 3 day rest. I completed the 3rd day with no pain, no problems.same as the previous two days.

On the following day I had morning wood, but was floppy around the base of the penis and would not stand firm. I attempted to make it firmer but had no luck. Yesterday I attempted to achieve an erection but would not happen, only 50 % and it looked unstable (not supported at the base)

I have rested now for 3 days, and my penis is in bad shape, and has not progressed since I realized the damage that I caused.

It appears wobbly at the base, like it is not supported fully and droops. In addition to this I can only achieve about 50 % erections. When flacid it hangs limp and is softer to touch, and last night I began to feel a tingle/ slight burning sensation, which has been present since.

My best guess is that I have damaged blood vessels and veins, and as such the penis can’t fill with blood.

I have been soaking in hot water and hot towels in attempt to stimulate blood to the area and aid in the healing process. Today I will start taking asprin.

I now know, after reading into enlargement, that I was completely stupid and have attempted a much more advanced routine, and I really hope that I have not caused any lasting damage and that my body will eventually fix itself.

Any help, advice, experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry this happened to you. It illustrates what I often stress as the first rule of PE: Do not break your penis.

Look around this specific forum and you may well find others that have experienced what you have.
What ever you do, don’t do any more PE right now. Also don’t despair, your bodies ability to heal is rather impressive. I expect that you will get feed back from those more knowledgeable than I on this topic soon.

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Shit dude sounds like you have the “firm flaccid” injury.

Firm flaccid penis

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Thanks for the info.

I’m pretty certain that it is not the ‘Firm Flaccid’ injury.

It is still normal size when flaccid, and is spongy (slightly more spongy than before).

It just hangs slightly lower (maybe ligaments stretched?). There also appears to be some small veins that have appeared. And that I can’t achieve a full erection, since it droops towards the base (in the same place where it hangs lower).

The burning sensation has subsided. The weird thing is that there is absolutely no pain, no discoloration, it is normal temperature, there is no nerve damage (as far as I can tell), no physical abnormalities (just the fact that it is hanging lower than previous and is slightly wobbly towards the base).

I’m just hoping that given enough rest my body will begin to heal.

Any other info/ thoughts are much appreciated.

Perhaps you are not injured dude? And your dick is just really really tired it happens.

When I used my ADS first off I wore it so much that it literally took my dick about 14 days to get normal erections and wood back, it was that worn out.

I noticed my dick felt spongier after a few weeks of PE, jelly like almost. Everyone gets that and it goes when you stop.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Yeah, I’m with Lord on this one. Rest and relax, if you still have problems after a week or so, revive the thread.

regards, mgus

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Thanks for the advice.

Has made me feel a better about this situation. Will give it a rest and see how it progresses.

See a doctor, NEED NOT WORRY I know seeing doctors about problems like this seem scary, but trust me if you think you have busted your tool consider this: See the doctor get it fixed? or Tell no one and possibly cause long term problems from the prolonged injury.

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