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Help please, advice needed

Help please, advice needed

After doing some research I’ve decided that I want to an ADS to my routine. It seems that most people on this forum have been using the penis-master. The penis master seems appealing because of it’s low price. But, I have done some research on these devises and the X4 labs xtender does look very nice and like a more legitimate product. The X4 labs xtender does have a strap that looks very comfortable but it is expensive. Http://

For the same price as the x4 labs xtender you can buy the a penis master package that INCLUDES a power jelq device. This makes the penis master more tempting although I have heard that a power jelq devise will flatten the penis(Does anyone Know if this is true?)

So I am having trouble deciding which one to buy, money is not really an issue. I am also torn because this Website that reviews all penis extenders: gave the penis master on 2 of 5 stars and gave the x4 xtender 5 of 5 stars. Any input that will help me make my decision is much appreciated!

Well I don’t know about penis extenders , I personally don’t use it, but if the website rates the x4 at a 5/5 (100%) and the penis master as a 2/5 (40%)

Then I think you should go with the x4.

Check out the VacExtender from The device is very comfortable and can be worn for much longer in one session that either of the devices you mentioned.

Personally, I started with the penimaster and with the noose, I could comfortably stretch for about an hour at max. When I say comfortable, I mean little to no numbing, head of my penis getting cold, or pain.

Then I bought the modified head from It uses vacuum instead of a strap to keep the device on and I loved it. With the modified head, I was able to use my penimater comfortably for up to 2 hours in one session, sometimes 3 hours. The base of my penimaster just broke. A new model of the VacExtender is coming out and just as soon as it does, I will purchase it.

I hope this info helps.

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Thats what I was thinking but alot of people on here seem to use the penismaster so I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with either of them

I agree with xtendeddick, check out various threads on this forum and read up on the various extenders. They all work essentially the same, but comfort and ease of use varies greatly. You can also find several threads on how to make your own cheaply and easily.

The two you linked to are essentially the same though one looks like you snap the end piece on to the bars, as opposed to having to keep it on the bars while putting it on. I had a loop type years ago and besides comfort issues (which with time and ingenuity could be overcome) it was extremely difficult to get the penis into the system. Because I had to pull the device into my body (springs), stretch the penis out, insert penis into loop with all my comfort add-ons, noose it down and keep my skin and frenulum from being bunched up. I don’t have that many hands.

So one where you can strap your penis into the end piece before having to stretch it out and attach to the bars would be WAYYYYYYYYYYYY better. In fact, I was thinking about modifying mine to do so perhaps in a few months after working on manual exercises and deciding if I’d like to add an ADS. However, if I do modify it I’ll probably also go with something similar to what xtendeddick recommended as it seems many on here say it is far more comfortable.

Are you saying the X4 extender is one where you cannot detach the strap and put it on separately or are you saying thats how the penis master is?

I’m saying the Penismaster is the one where you can attach the end piece before putting it on the bars. If you go to the site and then click on “Using the Penismaster” you’ll see what I mean.

From what I see on the X4 site it doesn’t look like they have that type of system.

It basically allows you to strap down your penis and get it snug and comfortable before you have to stretch it out. Having to stretch out your penis and then strap it down makes it quite difficult to get it comfortable and tied down properly.

I’ve never used the Penismaster, but when I did use my noose style one it was difficult and I thought about ways it could be better. A system like the Penismaster was one of my ideas.

I think it might still be uncomfortable though and various vacu-stretcher setups might be more comfortable. The autoextender is what I mean by vacu-stretcher, or ones you make yourself.

If you are uncut, go for the autoextender range. I have a nightmare keeping anything else on. Also, no noose so no loss of sensation.

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