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Zero Kegal Fatigue

Zero Kegal Fatigue

I am in a bit of a spot here. I think when i kegal, i am doing it properly, but i am new to PE. This really isnt the main problem. The main problem is that i can kegal indefinately. I sit down and read for hours and do whatever action i want, and i cant seem to get the little pack of muscles fatigued or whatnot. after about 5 or 600 it seems like i can focus in on different sections of the muscles. No matter how much i do it, i cant seem to get the area exhausted.
The one other thing i noticed was that a few days after i began Kegaling i was able to withhold ejactulation a little bit. Fluid still came out, but i was still excited. Isnt the reverse supposed to happen? ejaculation without orgasm and further excitement?
If i press the area between my scrotum and anus, i can hold back ejaculation entirely.

I’m positive im not doing something right, how else could this happen?

June 11, 03 flacid 3.8" x 4" erect 6.7" x 5.5"

Reddisert, I have the same problem (never getting fatigued doing quick kegel squeezes). The way I got out of this rut was to intensify my routine a little. So rather than do 500, 1000 or 5000 quick kegels, I suggest you try my current PC routine, which is 200 quick kegels, twenty 10 second squeezes, four 30 second squeezes, and a 60 second squeeze. This really exhausts my PC muscle.

I also suggest you take a 1 day on, 1 day off approach in regard to kegels. Since the PC muscle is indeed a muscle, it needs time to recover.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

I have the exact same problem from time to time. I think Awwwshucks is right. I have a similar routine: 500 quick kegals, thirty 10 second squeezes, and finally, a 5 minute squeeze. Hope this helps.

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