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zeke mans strecher device

zeke mans strecher device

Hey guys serious lurker here just too nervous to say anything.

I wanna know if anyone is using the device that zekeman built.Ihave and it is working real good, But my problem is trying to get a good padding for the 2 sticks I put my dick in to hold in place as I strech the Ligs.
This is the only issue I have with this I dont like pain.
Please help me

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Might try this....

You might want to try some “heat shrink” tubing…You can get it at any electrical supply store…..a hair dryer usually will cause it to form to the sticks. (May have to use several layers to achieve the right padding)

Buy some insulation (foam), you know- the kind of stuff you wrap your pipes with in the winter. That should soften up the cinch a little. Or maybe some surgical rubber (tygon tubing). Good luck, let us know how it comes out.

"If you build it, they will come".

Hey, Calipefreak

I was just wondering if you can post a materials list because I tried to build one from past post and I just can’t understand the parts list of others.


Zekemans stecher device

I am using the pipe insulation that was suggested,But you have to use some moleskin to prevent it from wearing through.

The best thing I can say for a materials list is your going to need a dremel set I needed to drill into the wooden dowels and the pipe connector.

The place to go is OSH or a very good hardwear store or home depot.

Im not good with mechanical things ok sorry but the best thing to do is to look up zekemans post and decription.

On my first post I did put a jpeg to show the device.

Sorry that im being so quick with my post but im leaving for the middle east in a week and that means ill be busy in the war.

I will say this it does really work. good luck and if you still are having trouble let me no soon ok .you guys are the best thanx.

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