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wrapping for manual stretching

wrapping for manual stretching

I’m uncut and I like to stretch but I get all kinds of problems. My grip tends to slip so I put on doctor’s gloves, Dr. gloves give me a solid grip but they also tend to cause dry skin and pain under my head so I often have to skip the stretches for a few extra days.

I was wondering if some sort of wrapping could be a solution. I have never wrapped and I was asking myself if anybody who is uncut had tried to wrap for manual stretches. I wonder if this is even possible since it would require to put the wrapping over the retracted foreskin and very close to the head.

Anybody ever tried that? And if not, do you think it’s possible?


Wrapping can indeed by very good for grip, and not too abrasive on the skin. Try it with various types of material first, and then if that is too harsh try and get some Theraband.

My main tip would be to try having a little more blood in the head when you stretch. This puts more pressure on the head so take it really easy and check regularly for red spots. Basically start out lightly and you’ll be able to work it up in future.

Thanks for the advice, but I think I’m not going to try that kind of wrapping right now. I’m considering replacing stretches in my routine by something else. Maybe I should build myself a wench….

Get a set of dishwashing gloves. Cut the gloves at about the wrist area. Put the gloves on. Now take that extra piece you just cut off and wrap it around the shaft just below the glans.

A killer grip, and the extra wrap piece keeps the ‘grip’ texture of the gloves from irritating the penis skin.

I also find my hands don’t sweat like they do with tight latex gloves (except perhaps in the summer).

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