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Workout effectiveness

Workout effectiveness

It’s my first post here and my written English is a little rusted so I apologize for it.

I’ve been around the forum for a while studing the exercises and the methods to start my PE life.
20 days are over since I start with a basic workout and now I have a doubt:
we all now that the GAINS make the difference between an effective workout and a non-effective one, but that’s in the long term!

How could I know, at the end of a single session of jelquing or streching, if the work was a good work?
What are the symptoms that the job was done well?

For the purposes of the question I report my actual routine(to maximize lenght gains, I hope):

13 PM
Warm Up
20-30 min Wet Jelqs
Warm Down

20,30 PM
Warm Up
20-30 min Streching (Downward Blasters, JAI; LOT 8,5)
Warm Down

The answers of the Vets are very appreciated but anyone who wants to tell what he thinks is welcome as well!

Thanks for your time, may the Gains be with you!

Who is the Master now?

During your jelqing you should be able to feel the blood being pushed forwards. You should maximise that feeling, as it tells you that you are effectively giving your dick the extra swell it needs to expand for growth. Try different levels of erection to find which level gives you the best pump, then use your fingers to tighten in a mannor which best helps the blood move forwards instead of just stretching skin. I find that pressure around the sides is best for me, but you must find what works best for you.

There are 2 things which will indicate a good workout for growth when it comes to jelqs. 1) a good feeling of blood resistance against your forward moving fingers, and a feeling of extra blood being pushed forward, instead of just a feeling of tugging skin forwards. 2) a good hang, fatness and swell in your dick for a good period of time after you have finished your workout.
You must also make sure you are not overtraining and are taking enough rest so your dick is recovering. It simply can’t grow if you over work it. Hope I helped with the jelqing side. Good luck.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Everyone has these doubts about their workouts. If you will study the information here and apply what you learn I’m sure your workouts will be fine. Time will tell you what will work for you but you will have to be patient.

If you find after a while things are not working you can can change your workout or intensity.

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