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Will more streching be to much

Will more streching be to much

Im already at 7x6 nbpel but im going for 8x6 nbpel and just wondering if that extra inch will take my girth over the 6inch mark. I’ve already had complements with the 6inch and afew have said it hurts abit and I don’t really want a 8x7 nbpel.

Any help much welcome.


Depends on how you go after it. If it’s jelqing, probably. If mainly stretching, I doubt it.

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Yeah I’ve stop jelqing and now im just stretching but I know that just with my streching im get girth as well.

Girth from stretching!?!?

If anything I would have thought it to diminish the girth (the stretching)

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Originally posted by cascade
Girth from stretching!?!?

If anything I would have thought it to diminish the girth (the stretching)

This myth is pretty common. Nobody that I know of has claimed to lose girth from stretching. Keeping in mind that you might lose some “temporary” girth gains, i.e. swelling, if you switch from a girth routine to a length routine.

I have gained girth from stretching and jelquing… but mostly stretching.

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I think you’d be more likely to gain base girth from stretching, rather than midshaft girth. But I’m not certain. I’m not looking for more girth, so I’ve stopped the girth-oriented stuff long ago (horse440’s, ulis, holds, etc.). I emphasize mostly stretching (A, V, & standard stretches) and some jelqs. When my schedule permits, I’ll return to hanging, which I’d only begun when I had to quit.

Thanks for the advice boys much needed.

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