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PE and streching before penis and body fully developed

PE and streching before penis and body fully developed

i would like to know and i think this goes for anyone else who is in the same boat as me. does anyone know that if you start PE, streching, Jelq, ect. before your body is fully developed and done with puebrty, will that inhibit the natural growth of the penis that would have occured on its own. becasue some people are late bloomers and finish fully growing later in life. i dont know waht age your penis is fully developed at and i dont want to screw myself out of extra inches if all i have to do is wait. is it a better idea to start streching until i am sure i stopped growing or will it have no effect?

i would like some advice, all are welcome to put imput in


How old are you dude? By the way, if you hang around here long, you should read the Forum Guidlines. Capitalization and punctuation are necessary (they teach that kind of stuff at Iona, right? Oh, and chatspeak is not allowed.

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Yes ok I get the point. I am 18 , would you know anything about the topic that was posted? Does anyone!

At 18 you are most likely through puberty. :) Even if you are not, PE is not going to inhibit the DHT from reaching the androgen recptors in your penis. IOW youll be fine.

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We encourage kids to exercise and be strong as they grow up even though their bones and muscles are not fully matured. It’s all just part of the growing process and if you include the penis, it’s just another body part that can benefit.

Some people are done with puberty by 15. Others are just starting. Really depends on when the body is developed. I don’t think it will affect your penis in any negitave way.

I suggest that PE is put off until a guy reaches atleast the age of 16. Even late bloomers have had atleast 90% of their dick growth finished by the time they are 16. Most guys’ dicks have stopped growing at around 15.

Penis exercises might even aid the natural growth in puberty. As far as I am aware, we have no reason to believe that it would hinder it. Although it would be bad advice to suggest to anyone under 16 to even think about PE. Not only do young teenagers already have enough insecurities and worries about their bodies when growing up but no one knows for certain how PE might effect physical development at such a critical age. 16 and up is fine in my opinion, so long as they have taken the time and effort to understand how to do the exercises safely. Due to legal reasons, Thunder’s place does not welcome anyone under the age of 18, however. Which is understandable.

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The average age where the penis stops growing has been shown to be 16 thru several surveys, some of them could be found at I personally would have liked to start PE at 11 or 12. The average length growth from 12-13 is 1 INCH without PE. The risk is overzealousness, bad technique and injury, which could indeed be bad. It might cause erection dysfunction, scars, etc. I believe you are fine to start now. I grew from what i was at 19. I did very little PE but if the average age where penis growth stops is 16 then i assume the gains were not due to natural development. PE should be something a father teaches his son at 11-12 just like how jelqing was said to have been passed on historically. IMO.

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