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Wife said, "no!"

Yeah, I showed her the pump. She never watches my pe though. When I explaind how pe works I stressed the need not to get too erect so she doesn’t walk in while I’m doing it so she doesn’t cause a “problem”.

The pump I bought was a porn store peice of shit. It was going ok but it crapped out after only a couple months. Fortunately it didn’t cost too much.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by rushmore
I appreciate all of the replies. It's a little more difficult than it might seem when your married. It's actually her penis too, and I want to keep it that way. I'll slowly try to win her over, but it's going to take plenty of time. ”

Now rushmore,
I gotta agree with Luv on this one. Since when does your prick “belong” to your wife. And like Dino says, “Once you give your balls away it’s hard to get them back” I can attest to that one since I took mine back a year or two ago ago :) But that is another story. I would have said “I am buying a pump for MY self to whatever” and left it at that. What would really happen? Is she going to get pissed? Is she going to hold back sex? Read the post on how to handle that one. When you need to do something for yourself in a relationship there may be some negotioating if it “might” be detremental to the other party but in this case it is only some money you want to spend and since I am gathering you are gainfully employed then go for it.
It’s almost a matter of control over yourself. I need to ask you, if the role was reversed what would your wife do? Does she get her hair done? Her nails? Buy makeup all of the time? Shoes, clothes? All the same…
Just my 2 cents :)

The ravings of a madman...


I did the same deal with my wife, she got a “rabbit” and I got a pump. They were supposed to be for christmas, but we both couldnt wait to try them out. The “rabbit” she got was not a pearl, it was a variation of the famous pearl for a lot less money. She seems to like it and she didn’t mind seeing my penis grow in the tube either.


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I think it was Bib who made an excellent explication about how to get your balls back. I think it was on the PE forum but it could have been here as well, I don’t remember. Maybe some of the vets have a better memory.


I assume you are within biking distance of me now. Do I need to come bitch slap you? YOU are the man. Be the man. You don’t ask your wife for permission for anything. She is your partner, not your boss. It’s OK to be loving, considerate, thoughtful, even romantic. It is not OK to be asking for anyone else’s permission for your own self-help needs. Tell her by all means, but never ask.

At this point, now that you have already screwed the pooch, you should say to her, “Honey, when I asked you about a pump and you said no, I felt hurt and angry that you would not consider my feelings and needs. I have adequacy issues and I need to deal with them the best way I can in order to feel happy about myself and with our marriage, even if you don’t care. I know you objected, but I went ahead and bought this because I need to be happy with myself. ” Women think emotionally; by appealing to her emotions with feelings and needs you will have a much better chance of winning her over than using “manly” logic. By saying, “even if you don’t care,” you will be obscuring your deed (buying the pump) with her own emotional coldness (which she will feel the need to defend, and therefore hopefully let the pump slip right by). And this also sets you up for further PE purchases down the road, as you are still “battling” with your feelings of inadequacy.

Never approach a woman with logic. They do not think that way, and will reject any such proposal out of hand. Approach her with your feelings, needs and emotions. And dude, stop asking permission. Be the man!

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Okay, I’m getting the feeling everyone thinks I’m the bitch in my relationship. Apparently I am. I’ll try again in a few days and try to hit up the emotional route that PirateSteve is talking about, but remember what I said earlier…she always knows when I am full of shit. I’ll let everyone know in a couple of days what happens.

One foot to go

How would you be full of shit if you went the emotional route? If you don’t feel that you are inadequate why are you doing PE? for the heck of it?


Hmmm. Interesting post. Personally, I’d hold off on the pump until say almost a year of PE- that way you’re much better conditioned for the stress a pump can bring.

You’ve only PE’d for 3 months? I didn’t start to gain until my 3rd month and then months 4-8 were non stop gains! So you might have some really good gains on their way. Just wait and see.

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Thanks Wt282, I’m really hoping that’s the case…yeah 3 months is all so far. Is there a link to your routine and progress?

One foot to go

Go for more

Just tell her you want to tie her up & start bondage, whips and hot oil.

She’ll think that a pud pump is just a little toy after that.

Good Luck


You ought to go ahead and get her that dildo. There’s no way she’ll enjoy it more than the real thing. I bet she’s curious about trying one, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch.

She said she will make a christmas video just for me : )


Make your own on the cheap, no need for permission from a financial perspective.

For about $40 you can buy a brake fluid pump with a pressure guage. Forabout #4 you can buy some extra vinyl tubing. For about $6 you can buy a tube of clear silicone caulk (you can find ones with see-through containers). You’ll also need an old inner tube.

Push all the caulk out of the tube and immediately pull out the stopper with some pliers. Clean out as much residue as possible. Then let it dry overnight. Cut a few inches of the inner tube and wash it. Stretch it out over the end of the caulk tube. Your vinyl tubing will fit over the caulk nozzle and the pump. There is no way to disconnect the tube from the pump and maintain pressure, as with mail order tubes, but it works. Girth is ok up to about 6 1/2 or so. Tube length is 9-10” or so.

All of this for less than $60, and you can put the pump in your tool box so no one will know.

Push out all the caulk,

Rock out with your cock out!

Wife says no to a lot of things…. Control, control, control.

Any update dude? Who has won?


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