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Wife said, "no!"



I haven’t brought it up again yet…my wife seems to be getting less and less comfortable with PE in general, let alone any devices. I might end up being a manual guy forever, hopefully I will have some luck that way. Thanks for asking.

One foot to go

I tried another thing on my girl last night, I was fingering her in a doggie style position but then I pushed as deep as I can, normally I can reach her cervix with my middle finger, well Im pretty sure I hit the bottom with my finger past the cervix. She is very shallow!


It is a shame that your wife will not let you buy a pump. You really don’t know what you’re missing. Sure, the effects may only be temporary, but it’s a lot of fun to have sex with a freshly pumped up penis!


She finally gave in…I ordered my pump yesterday! I waited about 7 months to ask again. She thinks I am a freak, but as long as she doesn’t see me “doing it,” it will be allowed. Very thin ice, very thin ice.

One foot to go


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