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why I have to stop PE and a suggestion



I talked to the research guy here where I work. He didn’t seem faintly interested in helping me do any kind of study on pe subjects. btw I am an MD and teach Internal medicine. I think that studies are more likely to get done if there is an incentive for companies to do so. For instance if enzyte was told by the fda that they had to prove thier claims that their “male enhancement system” worked or shut down, I am confident that a study would be funded by them, at least enough of one to support their claims.

Perhaps some institute that is concerned with sexology would be interested, I don’t know. I really don’t care about whether pe goes public. I know that there is a time tested method for making my waist smaller, but yet I have a hard time putting that into practice, I suspect that if pe became common knowlege only a small percentage of men would take the time and trouble to do it.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by sprintman
Okay. I see that you are not interested in a scientific study. Accepted. Thanks for your replies. Good luck with your efforts.


Translation: I see that you are not going to agree with me as to what form a scientific study should take.

Thunders has already done a number of studies, lots of guys, control groups, etc. If you are not happy with what has been done and truly believe that a mainstream medical study would be of any benefit… have at it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yea, the hundreds of first hand testimonies between here and just arent valid enough…because none of us have M.D. or P.H.D. in front of our usernames. Actually there are at least a couple docs on these forums. Whatever dude.


My dick was 6.25X5.5 now it’s 8x6.5 in a 2.5 year period and it works better than ever. I think my study speaks for itself. We are all like rats in a pe cage the guys that have been around for a while know this shit works for almost everybody. Not everybody will get fast results some people have to fight for every fraction of growth. We don’t need some paid off lab to tell us it works.
Rant Rant and more rant!


I really appreciated your replies. I would lie if I said that I’m happy that I got little support because I still think that it would be good idea. However, this is a free forum of men with a similiar problem. I totally accept if you are of a different opinion or when you think that my approach does not make sense.

I just had to make the decission whether I can continue PE if it is connected with the risk of having weaker or no erections. I still feel that they are not the same as they used to be. But I am convinced that at least part of the problem is now (not in the beginning) psychological.

However, I hope that my erections get back to normal and I will see how PE develops and maybe one day I am convinced that it is not dangerous.


I don’t feel pushed away. A discussion should never be personal. I had an idea and I was looking for support. You didn’t like the idea. Therefore we will not try to have a scientific study. That’s democracy. Fine.


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