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why I have to stop PE and a suggestion

Sure, it would be great for a girl to tell me that I’ve got the biggest dick she’s ever had (especially if she’s had a lot), but as far as the “mainstream” catching on and trying it, chances are I would have (hopefully!)reached my goal before the explosion of PE’s popularity so I can enjoy at least a little time in the top percentile!

Originally posted by Prickle
Sure, it would be great for a girl to tell me that I've got the biggest dick she's ever had (especially if she's had a lot), but as far as the “mainstream” catching on and trying it, chances are I would have (hopefully!)reached my goal before the explosion of PE's popularity so I can enjoy at least a little time in the top percentile!

ok, but here is my attitude/thinking. Why settle for the little time you mention? My point is, at least for our part, lets keep it to ourselves as long as we can, viciously protecting the world of PE as a “fight club”

Originally posted by PatBateman

ok, but here is my attitude/thinking. Why settle for the little time you mention? My point is, at least for our part, lets keep it to ourselves as long as we can, viciously protecting the world of PE as a “fight club”

Damn right. OK, so I am shallow, sue me.

A big dick won’t make up for being lousy in bed, and a buff bod won’t make up for a lousy personality. Old, cliche, and very true…BUT…If you have an 8 incher you will beat out a 6 incher (ceteris paribus). Likewise; height, looks, and musculature have a huge effect on how people react to others, mostly on a very primal and subconscious level. The difference in how other men deffer to me and how willing women are to initiate interactions with me changed drastically when I went from 185 back up to 200. Go for it.

Oh, and I really don’t think it will catch on entirely, requires to much hardwork and disipline for most.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

What the discussion shows is that there are two questions to answer. Question one is a normative one. Assuming we can find a scientific institution which is willing to do some serious research with us do we want it if it is connected with ‘going more public’?

Question two would only be relevant if we answer question one with yes. The question is are we able to find such a research partner.

I think, as I pointed out before, that we don’t have to fear the publicity because we are not secret yet. Moreover, even if we get publicity it will probably not be easy to achieve results. Therefore, those of you with a nine inch penis will still be the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of PE! Many, like me, will be more than happy if they get 6.5 -7.5 not bonepressed. If you have reached your goals nobody well take them away. But if not, you are probably thankful if serious research helps you to achieve them.
So what do we fear?

That we don’t get the results we want? Possible. However, even one of the most famous phaloplasty surgeons invites penis enlargement devices. A good argument that it at least work for some men. (See Even if the results are not what the way we want, we have learned something and we are still free in the choice whether we believe them or not.

That no scientific institution will not do the research. It is worth a try. Probably its not easy but with the persistence of committed PEer ….

That all men run around with an 8inch dick and you have no more comparative advantage? Very very unlikely.

And again … why not trying it? Why not asking them as a group?


At the opening of this thread you stated that you felt you had to quit pe due to some temporary ED issues.

You stated that you were felt sure that it wasn’t psychological.

Why are you sure? How old are you? I can tell you that a good workout will cause a weak erection for several hours in a newbie, If sex is attempted too soon after a workout resulting in a weak performance, worry sets in and the problem is compounded. Nothing can kill an erection faster than thinking about it too much. I started pe not for enlargement, I didn’t think it was possible, but to strengthen my erections. I read up. Took initial measurements (just in case the enlargement thing did work), and began jelqing. I knew about the “post work out refractory thing” so that didn’t worry me. Results were that 8 weeks later I was 1” longer in length and the mild ED I had before starting disappeared. Now as a vet I can do 45 min workout and fuck my wife with a diamond cutter erection right after. Give yourself some time, I wouldn’t write off pe just yet

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’am 29. I don’t wanna give up but I’am afraid because I need my erections! Therefore I’m looking for the savest way to achieve my goal.

But I would still appreciate more direct answers to my question. Why dont we try to initiate a scientifical study? The only argument I hear is this fight club argument and it does not really convince me.

Just to show that there are possible research partners (even if this guy is sceptic, but this would make positive results more valuable and as far as I can see he is not a MD but a sex therapist):

Penis Enlargement (answered here): There is NO SAFE RELIABLE WAY to increase the length or width of a penis. There are many SCAMS out there and some sound soooooo convincing, but they will hurt your wallet, your pride, and possibly your penis. About a half dozen of the penis enlargement companies have asked me to endorse their products and I always reply “I’d LOVE to endorse a product that works. Send me enough product to do an initial field trial on ten men and if it works I’d really be delighted to have my name on your product (or representing you on national television).” Funny, though. Not one has replied. Any employee of such a company that wants to take me up on the field trials — you know how to contact me!

William F. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., a specialist in marital and sexual therapy, started helping patients with sexual dysfunction in 1965. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago and has taught classes on human sexuality, been quoted in magazines, appeared on national and local television and radio, and has testified as an expert witness in legal proceedings regarding sexual crimes. In addition, he served as “The Sex Doctor” on the Men’s Health Daily website (link provided below) while that site quoted sex experts (Oct. ‘96 - June ‘97). He is currently working with men, women, and couples in a group practice in Santa Clara, California, USA.
<end quote>


and here is an answered question to PE and why I am worried. Similar posts can also be found in this forum.

If you, or anyone you know, is thinking about penis enlargement, read this:
6/7/99 Q: Dear Dr.Fitz I have done a very stupid thing while cruising the internet about six months ago I found a website dedicated to penile enlargement. The method I chose was something called jelq or milking it consisted of taking the penis in a semi-erect state and milking it like a cow with lubricant ( in the bathtub) for about 100 to 200 strokes I did this about every other day for a period of about three months the results were great or so I thought extremely hard erections better staying power and yes and increase in length about 3/4 of an inch. However after I quit I realized I couldn’t get an ercection from visual stimuli anymore and masturbation didn’t feel nearly as good as it did before I started the stretches so my question to you is if I have permanently damaged my member and if not how I could rehabilitate it PC exercises, not masturbating for along time quitting smoking etc.. I am much to embarassed to go to a doctor about this so any reply would be greatly appreciated by the way I am 19 if that means anything in regards to this. Thanks in advance B.
A: You must consult a Urologist about this! I hear your embarrassment but this is a medical condition that must be evaluated in all aspects.
<quote end>

So I am asking for a direct answer why not to look for a serious field study. Maybe you have other reasons than the fight club argument.


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Ya know guys…for some reason I’m getting the feeling that this guy is more interested in getting this forum and PE as much exposure as possible….more interested in that than PE. He keeps brushing off any potential solutions/suggestions to his own challenges with PE and turning it right back onto appoaching some group or media about PE for study and public exposure. Whatever his true motivations are…they have little if anything to do with his own penis and the enlargement thereof. I dont have any problem with public exposure…it would bring in more members to this forum and the PE forum….and it would NOT create any big “surge” of large penises in the general male population. I think most men have at least heard a whisper about some sort of penis enlargement. Whether they’ve seen some pill or device advertised on an infomercial on T.V. or on a website…or on the radio (yes, I have heard Radio commercials here locally for a “male enhancement” pill called Enzite or however it’s spelled)…most men are at the least vagely familiar with the terms “male enhancement” or “penis enlargement”. As sited before it’s human nature to be lazy and to seek out the methods that seem the easiest….so….that said even if a large number of men were suddenly more interested in PE….most if not all of those men would more than likely fall prey to the “magic pills” or any other gimmicky devices that might be out there OR, they would chalk PE up to being too expensive (because we all know SURGERY is the ONLY form of enhancement that really works right)…or as a gimmick. Real, PE that works takes more effort than most men are willing to dedicate to “only” enlarging their penises. Similar to bodybuilding/working out….it takes time and effort, and dedication to stick to that regiment. But, then again, PE and going to the GYM are two TOTALLY different things with different purposes. Most men would be way more inclined to dedicate their free time to something like working out in the gym because they know from seeing other people do it that it works. PE on the other hand ….even though it already has so much exposure ….especially on Porn sites…..lacks the wide spread PROOF that it works. Just MY thoughts on this stuff.

thanks for your reply stillwantmore22. Yes, I want to discuss the topic of initiating a real scientific study because I had some negative experiences and I am afraid of continuing PE before I know that I will not permanently damage my penis. I think that scientific results would be something which could help also others (non and slow gainers) as I pointed out earlier. I personally dont care about whether PE gets more publicity but I admit that this would probably be a side effect of such a study.

Yes, I tried to avoid to discuss my personal problems with PE in this thread because I wanted to focus on my suggestion. I know that there are a lot of nice guys out there who want to help. Thanks for that. I have read a lot of stuff in the last few weeks and I know that the suggestion will be to take enough rest and than start again but very slowly. However, I could sleep much better if we had some real proof that we don’t damage our penis and what really happens to our penis when we put so much stress on it.

I appreciated that you basically dont have a problem with more publicity. Can you think of other disadvantages of trying to do some serious research? And, yes, I’am looking for the widespread PROOF and the connected RISKS.


These are my real motivations. This is a problem that bothers me. Hope it is ok that I started this discussion. Dont want to insult anyone. I’m just looking for answers!

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I think the guy just has a genuine concern, which I believe is valid, after reading some of those quotes from medical doctors.

Personally, I am not fond of the AMA in this country. As a matter of fact, you could say that I downright hate their f*cking guts. They have a God-like attitude that their way of doing things is the ONLY right way.

I don’t know how many of you guys have ever been to a chiropractor or know somebody who has, but it’s only in the recent past that the AMA has somewhat accepted chiropractic treatment as a real medical treatment.

I hurt my back about 20 years ago. It wasn’t anything real serious, but I did go to my doctor, and his ‘solution’ to my back problem was muscle relaxers and aspirin. I wasn’t satisfied with his solution, so I decided to do some reading on the subject and was introduced to chiropractic care. Back then, it was really considered voodoo medicine.

When I went back to my MD for a follow-up checkup and mentioned that I was considering seeing a chiropractor, he thought I was out of my mind, said chiropractic care could be dangerous, blah, blah, blah. He asked if I was taking the medicine he prescribed, I told him I stopped because it wasn’t doing a damn bit of good. He said, well, we’ll have to reevalute and see if surgery is an option. AMA = drugs, surgery, end of story.

To make a long story short, I went to the chiropractor, he relieved my backpain, gave me exercises to do to keep the back healthy, and I’ve been seeing chiropractors since.

Basically, I take what doctors say with a grain of salt. Not to say that they don’t do great things for people, but I find them very closed-minded or a one-track mind of drugs, surgery.

Scientific Validation

Why the need for scientific validation ? You seem to be hung up on the idea that if a scientific study says it’s okay then it resolves and answers all questions. Sorry but I look down on what science has to say, many times it revolves on what the researcher wants to prove or the medical community agenda. Often times, it’s not the truth that dictates the results. And often times, if science cannot answer the question they will make up some garbage so they do not lose credibility (in other words they will always find the answer or a reasonable fascimile of one).

For example cholesterol and eggs. At one time eggs were practically the cholesterol poster boy, if you ate more than 2 eggs a week you were near death (an exaggeration of course). Now they have found out cholesterol also is effected by genetics and not only by food. So now it’s all right to eat a couple of eggs a week.
Lets talk cancer, science has so little of a clue or really doesn’t want to cure it that they are saying just about everything causes cancer. The water we drink, the air that we breath, the food that we eat. Hmmmm… sounds to me like if you can’t find the culprit or don’t want it to be found, use a blanket approach and claim that everything generates the problem.

Plus remember Cancer as well as AIDS (Yeah, I know I added this in mysteriously, did not segue into it like I should have) are two illnesses that draw in a lot of cash for the medical community. Why would they want to find a cure or locate the true cause of the illness ? Again this relates to science and agendas.

Sort of off topic, but according to science the bumble bee should not be able to fly yet it does. Do you think the bumble bee would care what a study says, I think not. (One of the few times they have admitted their ignorance and did not make something up.)

I’m sorry but a scientific study does not help me sleep any better at night. I have experienced too many things that have worked for me which science has claimed shouldn’t or looked down upon. I feel better trying something in moderation and developing my own opinions on it, rather than listen to science. Science is good for developing ideas and trains of thought, but I will not let it dictate the direction of my thinking.

In other words I feel more warm and fuzzy with the results I have personally gotten and listening to this group of anonymous penis pullers than anything a scientific survey could tell me. Science is nice but I have to test and experience for myself.

As for the “Fight Club” thing, sorry I may be selfish but I agree with the philosophy.

Terran - Very well said indeed, I totally agree.

As for the publicity thing, add me to the against column.

This thread is related:
Where will PE be in a year?

This has been debated over and over. I say, if you want it, find it yourself. I am very much looking for an ‘advantage’, and when I get it im going to be MUCH happier than I would be if I didnt have a disadvantage. Its in our nature to improve ourselves and improve our quality of life.

If someone finds these forums himself looking to improve his way of life I would be more than happy to offer my advice and experience but to anyone else, my mouth stays very shut.


I wouldn’t object to telling friends of mine about it if I were huge from it. But since I’m not, then what’s the point? It would be like a fat guy telling you about a diet that works.

I'd have to agree...

I’m not gonna sit here and argue my stance on this, it is all opinion and arguing an opinion is just fartin in the wind. But…..

Why do you want scientific data to back this up? There are literally thousands of people on this forum who will give you first hand experience, do you think a group of scientist are going to have as many participants as this for their trial? I can tell you right now, if we were to get this thing together, they would ask for a nice round number for the amount of time until we’ve seen results. Let’s just say that got averaged to 4 months. They would then have to have a group of men come in, let’s say 5 days a week, for 4 months.

Here’s the thing, they have to compensate these guys for the time they would spend doing the exercises at the labortory. And don’t think the scientist would tell these guys to do it at home, research doens’t work like that, it all has to be controlled to get a consistant result.

So with that in mind, I would bet they wouldn’t be able to “hire” more than 20 guys tops for the experiement. I bet there is WAY over 20 guys on here that haven’t gained a damn thing in 4 months and who’s to say they wouldn’t also get 20 “slow gainers”. So you would get the data coming back and telling you that their great, awesome, all knowing, scientific knowledge saying Pe is a joke and absolutly does not work.

I’ll save you some time….It has worked for me and many many others….take that and do with it what you want.

Okay. I see that you are not interested in a scientific study. Accepted. Thanks for your replies. Good luck with your efforts.


Ok guys….now that he appears to have given up….lets not fluff him and tell him “aww it’s ok…we didnt mean to push you away…” Maybe he’ll find a doctor or scientist who engages in PE and that will tell him this stuff really works and is ok to proceed with. (as if there werent enough evidence from the testimony and pics between this board and the peforum)???


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