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Why Doesn't NPE Work?

Why Doesn't NPE Work?

Earlier today I was reading through a health-related online forum looking for information on a particular subject that had my interest peaked at the moment. While browsing through the different forums on the website I stumbled into the Men’s Health section and a thread titled, “Can I enlarge my penis?”. I could tell the question was started by a 15 year old kid by the way it was worded and the grammar used, and the responses were - as I’m sure you expect - the same ones we’ve all heard over and over again about how penis enlargement isn’t possible. The “experts” that responded started out by debunking pills (rightfully so), but then went on about how “jelqing” and “stretching” your penis won’t make it any larger - but no good reasons to back it up. In the instance of that particular thread, responding to the 15yo, their responses were probably valid, but it got me thinking about all the other times I’ve heard (read) people say Natural PE doesn’t work. Thinking back, I can’t remember one good, physiological reason from any of the so called “experts” as to exactly why NPE doesn’t work. It’s almost as if people have mental walls put up that prevents them from even thinking of the possibility of NPE producing results. How can they overlook the thousands of guys here and at other NPE forums who have testified to the merit of NPE? I just don’t get it. They’re like a bunch of stubborn little kids! I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I just had to find out: can anyone tell me - with a reasonable amount of proof - exactly why NPE doesn’t work? I would go post this on that forum, but I seem to have forgotten the site I was on.

stevie, the only physiological “reason” I’ve ever heard by them is that the soft tissues of the penis consist of Smooth Muscle (SM) fibers, not Striated Muscle - which responds to physical stressors by building up.

They argue that the SM tissues do not enlarge from jelqing, and they claim that scar tissue can result, therefore harming erectile strength, possibly deforming the appearance - and even reducing the size - of the penis.

Upon what they base these conclusions, I have no idea. They’ve never cited any studies whatsoever.

And some claim that stretching/hanging thins out the penis (which is a disadvantage during sex, they remind us) and may possibly lead to nerve damage. Again, what case studies they base this on….I have no idea.

TT's Rabid Rants Part One (of many)

Let us look at it this way, the only cases that these guys here about are the “I ripped my penis off with a weight tied to it that I threw off an overpass kind of people. Just like the (broadcast) news how often do we hear a good story other than the kicker at the very end designed for human interest? These doctors (simple flesh mechanics) only hear about the horror stories and really nothing else. We live in a quick fix society where anyone can just take a pill. No one has patience and wants everything done now. Have a headache take a pill, feeling depressed take a pill, want to lose weight than just take a pill, etc… We live in a consumer world were everything is off an off fast food culture. Wow, I can hit up the drive through and grab a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich value meal number 6 biggy sized. So you get this people read forums like this on the internet and try to imeadiltly hang fifty pounds or hook their cock up to a fifth wheel at the truck stop and put that CAT motor into granny gear for the massive diesel’s torque as they hold onto a light pole. The idea of no pain no gain has been indoctrinated into our society. So people go way too fast about it in the most insane haphazzard way.

Secondly, people who are experts only talk to other experts. They almost never take an outside view and look out of the box as they love to say. They become more polarized that their teachings and knowledge are the dogma of the world. This process is called group think in social psychology. Just look at all the shit the AMA did to chriopractors claiming they are witch doctors and such silly shit. If the idea doesn’t come from a doctor than it is completly full of shit in their overeducated med school minds.

Third, doctors are becoming passive agressive in their methodolgy. With the internet, every one looks up their illness on the net and rattles off to the doctor. This usurping of authority makes them even more resistant to any unorthodox or unsanctioned areas of medicine let alone PE. This is just my speculation though and I expect to be wailed into by any med people for this.

These doctors look at us here as some off penis rubbing cult. We have a fantatical devotion but live under the radar of mainstream society. They must view this board as a bunch of off scientologists jelking or some crazy shit like that. It has been said that perception is reality for that individual and I guess you could apply that for the doctors looking at us.

Fourth, what guy wants the infamy of being the small cock to big cock to the world? I see no one doing interviews with Dan Rather here. To admit that you had a small crank reflects badly to the mainstream world who just want you to deal with it. So the social taboo is in place both on America and the world and the individual.

The only hope for us is if some small pee pee movie star starts getting treatments and becomes a member here. Than like the South beach Hollywood diet and all that craziness it may catch on as a slightly above ground off fad.

The world used to be flat and you couldn’t tell anyone else otherwise. The Earth was the center of the universe too. If you threw rags in a corner with food rats and maggots spontaneously appeared. There is no such things that cause sickness and disease that I cannot see with my own naked eye. If your mom was knocked up with you and you went to the fair and a horse startled her, you would be born with this tramua marked in a horse face or some other madness. In the end the more times change the more essentially the remain the same. Those in authority hold onto their liitle grasp of the world and won’t take any other explaination for how shit works. You know why? Cause you are a Philistine telling me what to do as I just got done paying off my med school loans. Did you go to med school? No. Then why should I take your advice? It is like the homeless man telling me how to be succesful financially and socially.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Good post all together Twat. “It’s like a homeless man telling me how to be successful…”. Not quite. If I’d want to make an effect on a doctor and I’d have an exceptionally large penis (which I will have), I’d slap it on the table or drop my pants and who would be the homeless man then? The chances are, our medical school graduate in hand.

The myths are so alive out there. I tend to forget how alone we are with this. It’s not just that you cannot enlargen your dick, it’s also all the size myths. General public actually DOES believe all the porn star inches and “x ethnic group is bigger than x” marketing speaches. And you can’t tell them otherwise because they won’t listen, but rather will just see you as insecure and mayby even tell that you should learn to deal with it. Knowledge of this sometimes gives me the feeling of power, but most of the time it frustrates me. But I’m dealing with it.

Indeed. Doctors and other outsiders look at us like most of us look at the guys ranting about destruction of our planet by some asteroid or planet x. This raises thoughts. What else is possible against common belief?

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

The internet (thank you, Al Gore!) is and will continue to change the way “communities” care for their own. Doctors and other pros won’t be along for the ride for quite some time, I’m afraid. My mother loves reminding everybody what the doctors thought of her vitamin supplements back in the day. Besides the high cost of health care, information moves at a snail’s pace in the “real world”. It takes years for a large pharmaceutical firm to synthesize their magic potions, test them, suppress the results, get them approved, market them, push them on doctors, etc.

I’m now in the habit of checking online first, if I have a health-related issue or curiosity. I want to do something about gynecomastia, but in the US, the only treatment is surgery - check online, oh maybe Andractim will work. Speaking of tits, wife wishes hers would go back to pre-nursing; lemme check the internet. What’s that asparagus smell in my pee? Can I thicken my facial hair?

I can google any of these things, and after a few pages of people trying to sell me snake-oil, I find the bulletin boards (like this one; in fact, I learned the value of them in part from Thunder’s). There I find people just like me, who’ve tried this, are about to try that. Some assholes, some genuinely helpful people, all volunteering to do human guinea pig experiments that are years ahead of the FDA curve. Just proceed with caution.

I imagine that the reason that Natural Penis Enlargement doesn’t, and can’t work, is because if it did, then hundreds or thousands of men would be doing it right now. And they’d have bigger penises than when they started. I know that’s not the case (even though there are apparently websites full of men who claim just that), because Natural Penis Enlargement is medically impossible; this has been known for decades. Proof enough for me, is the utter lack of any evidence to the contrary - after all, if it were possible to naturally enlarge the human penis, wouldn’t it have been done and made public by now? Oh, certainly there are those who claim that it’s possible, even that they’ve successfully achieved length or girth gains themselves, but these statements are not to be trusted, since it is well-established that the penis cannot be enlarged except through expensive surgery. And so on, and so on, and so on.

I’ve gotten good advice from homeless men before, too. Just because they choose not to do anything, doesn’t mean they don’t know anything. Doctors in our society as individuals may be wise enough to understand that, but as a whole (TT’s “group think”) it doesn’t compute.

It’s kind of like a homeless man trying to steer a herd of elephants.

That, and everything all y’all said already. Damn, I know i did 3 cents worth of typing, how’d I end up shy of 2 cents?

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It’s rather like the ‘If man goes faster than a horse can gallop he will die. So put a man in front of a vehicle with a red flag.

So they called a train an iron horse. So a horse can now go at (then) 60 mph. Must be ok if it’s a horse.

Perhaps we should find another expression for PE’ing.

How about ‘man-size syndrome’ That’s nice and medical and goes along with the view that we’re slightly crazy!


20 years ago I met this crazy looking guy at the gym. He had long stringy gray hair and told me he was touring with the Grateful Dead. He took a look at my 225 lb obviously muscular frame and told me I was “fat.” He also told me that the food industry and medical industry were lying to the American public by saying carbs were the best type of food. He said humans were basically carnivores and that his diet consisted primarily of red meat. He told me I was 20 lbs overweight and eating a diet consisting primarily of meat would make me thinner.

He was clearly very bright, but I though he was a nutcase. 15 years later, Atkins was a household name. Shit, the guy was right. He’d probably also stretched his dick.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
He also told me that the food industry and medical industry were lying to the American public by saying carbs were the best type of food.

I’ve only just begun to believe this. Maybe I’m cynical; maybe I’ve been walking around with rose tinted glasses. I’m sure a large percentage of the medical industry is just there to push drugs, with little concern for their patients.

Let’s face it guys, we should always listen to experts, but we should also question everything they say. We’ve been taught not to question. We’ve been taught to meekly follow our elders and betters - and I really don’t see that as a good way for a society to evolve.


You know just as much as I do that those experts are 100% right and you can’t enlarge your penis. We all know the world is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth. Anybody that believes in PE is most likely a witch and should be burned.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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