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When do I know that hanging weights doesn't work?

When do I know that hanging weights doesn't work?

Hi guys,

When do I know that hanging weights doesn’t work for me?

I’ve already posted in another thread that I hung from March to August this year with no results. I used 13-15 lbs, 2-3 h a day. (By the way I use the BIB hanger.)
The problem was, I didn’t feel any soreness during this time. So I think that this time was more or less wasted time ‘cause I used to less weight.

From the middle of September up to now I hung around 20 lbs and I really get/got sore every day after my 2h hang session. Means, I could feel the muscle aching in the area around the pubic bone when I cough, do situps or simply press my fingers against the ligaments/muscles of my penis near the pubic bone.
Up to now I’ve spent over 60 h on hanging these heavy weights. I know that this is not quite much. Only 2.5 days in all. But, and this is a question to the vets of you, how long would you give it a try? How many months? Did you had the same problems (no soreness —> no gains)?
Problem: I think the intensity of the soreness is going back ‘cause my dick gets used to the amount of weight. But I cannot go over 22-23 lbs. More is not possible due to attachment (slipping, hurting, skin irritating, etc.) problems of the hanger.

You know, now,I think that I am really doing it right. The only thing that is still missing, is a small gain of length.

So when do I know that hanging weights does not work for me?

Thanks & bye

….any comments appeciated.

hello Miggelodeon,

I dont think you can say that it wont work for you. I think that 4 months is a good length of time to test a routine, and because of the many variables involved with PE and hanging (and more are discovered all the time) it would take an eternity to test them all. The best way is to listen to your little voice and absorb all the outward signs of your routine to know if it is not working and keep adjusting. Knowing this seperates newbies from vets. Never be happy with any part of your routine, always look for ways to improve them, because there are ways.



yes maybe you are right concerning the time (4 month).

But my question is: When you hang, you must feel sore, no?. Otherwise all the time you spend on hanging is in vain.
True or false?

‘Cause all the time before I didn’t feel any soreness. So this has just been wasted time?!?!


Yes I think it is.

When you started feeling the soreness, count that as day one of your routine.

Then just keep going at it and stay motivated, think of where you will be in a few months time if you do!

Good luck, need any help just ask


You need to go read the thread between me and BIB entitled “BIB, good news bad news” and “Dorsal Nerve Slippage??”

They both talk exactly about these topics. No hanging is done in vein, because you are learning what will work for you.

Anyways, check those threads out. Also, read the thread titled “Lig Diagrams” for insights on angles and stuff like that. 4 months is a long time with out any gains.


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I hung for 6 months and saw almost no gains (maybe a 1/8) . I was hanging BTC. Now I hang straight out and up and I am so sore I almost hang every other day. When I hung BTC I barely got sore. Read the threads on Low erection people.



First question would be: did you stretch ligs or ligs with skin together?

You can try doing AI stretches with a hanger combined with ADS.

Currently I’m doing 20 minutes a day of AI stretches with a Bib Starter. Just standing up, and bending/straightening the knees a little, about every second or two. It had a quick and nice result.
However, I’m pretty sure these are only temporary gains and an ADS is required to maintain the results. Either way, you’ll have some nice addition to your legs muscles :)


Please check my worth mentioning (SECJAY) thread I posted today. It may help you out. It is an amazing piece of work that DLD thought up. Try it out and see if this will hit your ligs first. A Bib Hanger or starter may be an excellent investment also for you.

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