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Which part of the penis is most important

Which part of the penis is most important

We are all trying to increase our cubic inches of volume. I wonder where—from the woman’s’ point of view, is the most effective place to work on the increase. Would it be at the base, so that she is rubbed more at the entrance to the vagina, or would she feel the volume best out at the end of the shaft, so that the CDS is rubbed a little more? If, for example, they like it at the end, should we be concentrating more on ulis and other exercises that develope the head and the end of the shaft. Ladies—want to chime in on this one?

Good question. It probably varies greatly among women. Personal preference and body build being major factors in the decision.

If I were to guess, I’d say the ideal peepolini has a uniformly thick shaft, a slightly girthier glans, straight, and is erect at a 55 degree angle.

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After much questioning of women, i have heard they prefer a some curves due to the fact that it can hit a curve better than a straight erection.

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