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What Your New Penis Will NOT Get You

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
….and believe me it ain’t easy to work into a conversation that you have a big dick without sounding like an asshole believe me I have tried. But once the chick knows you have big Willy in your pants and you know how to use him you will be surprised what she will put up with to be big Willys friend :) .

Amen, she will put up with a lot to be big Willy’s friend.
Just a tip: I know it must be difficult trying to “casually” introduce cock size into a conversation. And, to be honest, I’ve never even tried because it struck me as rather daunting from the beginning.

One thing I did say once, to a gal I had been talking to for a couple weeks (so it wasn’t somebody I’d just met), was that my wife could never get used to my size. I said it without any bravado, without looking her in the face, and I said it with a tone of sadness (LOL!) - head down, dejected, lol.

I could feel the silence. Her mind must’ve been racing. I just sat there shaking my head, putting on my best “sad face.” Finally, she said, “I, uh, guess you don’t mean as in ‘small’?” And without looking up, I just shook my head - again, in profound sadness, LOL. She was really quiet then.

I would’ve pursued it, but I found out later that day that she was engaged (what a bitch). But she wasn’t moving, she was just sitting there, probably wondering, “How damn big is he?” LOL. I also heard that she told some women that my wife left me beause my cock was too big. hahaha.

Hahaha, that’s hilarious, Wad.

TT is wrong. I don’t need any friend other than my Penis, my best friend. My Penis is totally attached to me. And I can’t live without my Penis. Nobody touch my precious.. Hehe :)

I heard/read from somewhere, several times that what women value the most is honesty. Come on guys, let be honest about our equipment then :p

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Originally Posted by sparky91
I heard/read from somewhere, several times that what women value the most is honesty.

Now that’s funny could you imagine being honest to a women.

1) Do you think my ass looks fat?
2) Do you think the 20 year old neighbor in her bikini by the pool has a nicer body than mine?
3) Would you really rather go fishing with your friends than go to the mall with me?
4) Do you really think your going out on your motorcycle with your dirt bag friends?
5) Do I give the best blow job?

The list could go on and on

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

It won’t get you free stuff. It won’t automatically make you more confident. It won’t necessarily make other men jealous. It won’t magically unleash a woman’s “inner concubine,” provided she has one. It won’t make up for lack of personality, sense of humor, social skills, sexual skills, looks, money, education or power.
It will not make people like, love or respect you. In and of itself, it will not in any way make you go from dud to stud.

It cannot be used as a bat, racquet or club. It cannot be used as a flotation device. It cannot be used for self-defense. It cannot be used for, well, you get the picture.


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Marvin the Martian

Lets face it guys, If your not doing it for yourself, then your here for the wrong reasons!

We like to think our improved dicks and performance in bed are all our doing. When the Mrs. is horny and turned on, she’s horny and turned on. It takes very little on my part to satisfy her.

So much of hotter sex starts in our minds—has absolutely nothing to do with the size of our collective penises—has everything to do with where she is and where we are.

But creating a more powerful dick has to make us feel better about ourselves, ergo, our hormones and blood start flowing better, our libido rises, and “presto,” with the right lady, great sex has to follow. :D :

"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I agree horsehung. While I still don’t think of myself as “huge” (7.72 bp x 6.1 midshaft), I am no longer haunted by suspicions of “does it look small?” That in and of itself is a huge boon.

And, lets be honest, once you’re above 7.25 x 5.6 or so, the rest is pretty much gravy. Sure, some women love/need a biggun, but most are content if your just not tiny. We do place a lot of emphasis on numbers here. But that’s why we’re here, lol. No matter how many members Thunder’s now has, it’s still just a drop in the bucket - considering the total male population. My good buddy says he has “about 6,” and then he and his wife just look at each other and laugh (she’s not being a bitch; they love each other and she knows he really doesn’t care about his size). But he’s probably closer to 5”, yet he wouldn’t do this shit for 10 minutes a day - even if he could gain 1” every 6 months. They’re happy & they love each other and they’re always together, everywhere, like twins.

A big dick will not get you that kind of love.

A big dick will not give you the Shit Eating Grin that “Bob” from the Enzyte commercials has.

A big dick will not increase your sexual prowess- odds are if you are a lousy lover with a small dick You will be a lousy lover with a big dick, it might help a small amount but won’t solve all the problems. If I go out and buy the exact same golf clubs as Tiger Woods and am a lousy golfer odds are the clubs aren’t going to get me on the pro tour any more than if I tried with lesser clubs.

A big dick may not solve your feelings of inadequacy. I really hope it will but I think a bigger dick is only part of the answer- I know I for one have penis related issues that I am trying to work out and until I do no matter how big I get I will not look down and see a big dick. Not unlike people that get plastic surgery after plastic surgery. When I first came here I discovered I had an average-ish dick but it still took a long time for me to believe that and still don’t sometimes. Even now I don’t believe it sometimes… a little thing I like to call penisorexia.

I think for me though it would give me one less thing to dwell on as something about me that could be better/use improvement. And if I we’re to get to the 8x6 place I would be able to take a woman’s remarks about my little dick with the confident thought that “oh well - it is good enough for most other women in the world” rather than the “I won’t admit it to you but I know you are probably right” that goes through my head now. I am thankful for all I have and that it still works when called upon - but can I have just a little more? Lol Oh.. I have stopped thinking things like “I would give my left arm to have a big dick” but I think it is more a function of mt age/self acceptance than thinking my size is ok. Better days!

Originally Posted by horsehung

So much of hotter sex starts in our minds—has absolutely nothing to do with the size of our collective penises

How many penises make up a collective anyway?


"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

You might at least be able to work a gay strip club. :Rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:


They pay A LOT better than chippendales. A LOT better!

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

Wow, back from the dead!

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

Originally Posted by longwidehard
How many penises make up a collective anyway?

6 makes up an average collective. 8 or more is a very big collective.

Also I do note especially now that a penis will not get you past a rotten attitude to women (that they are all skanks, hos, sluts, or whatever) that I wince at when I read at in some threads here. If that is what you think women are, then blammo, guess what you are going to find? They ain’t all princesses and need to be called on with some of their excesses, but frankly you can get into the skank mindset it appears to easily and a big penis won’t help you. I’ll stop before I start ranting.


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