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What is the best routine..we need some monitering...

What is the best routine..we need some monitering...

Sorry for my lack of a good title,I am not asking what is the best routine,but rather observing something.
While the pe forums have now been around for about 10 years,pe can still be considered in its infantcy.

While at one time there were not very many members of the pe forums(In fact the only real big gainers I remember from the original forum is japp,bib and big al),there are now thousands of people doing these routines and posting on these types of message boards.

In my opinion,pe and weightlifting is alot alike.They both have common features,such as time,intensity,
rest,etc. In fact many more things may apply.

Now in the beginning days of weightlifting,it seemed everyone went for volume training(that is the notion that they had to do multiple exercises per bodypart and multiple sets and sometimes with many different rep ranges etc).Some people gained good with this,and some did not gain at all.And then arther jones and mike mentzer came along with high intensity techniques,and many people who did not gain started gaining(some after many years).

So whats my point?I was thinking to my self not too long ago after someone questioned rather people here were overdoing their pe.One can say yes,but then again I know that Bib would hang heavy weights for 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week,so who can say if more is better or less.

At the same time,some people has noticed when they went from a heavy routine to a simple routine( like a quick stretching and jelq routine i.e a basic routine) only then do the start gaining.

While I do beleive many people,especially those who does not follow the boards much,would have a “more is better’ mindset,may be its not true,or maybe it is.

So I was thinking of the many different routines that needs to be tested,and monitered.Maybe we will start seeing some common threads,and it will give us some insights into what seems to work best for most people( that is,never will something work for everyone,but it may work best for the masses).

I was thinking of many of the different factors that could be monitered,and here is what I have came up with so far:
Time,intensity,rest days,times per day,one exercise vs. another,periods of inactivity ETC.

Here would be a few sample routines:
-15 minute basic light routine(stretching and/or jelqing but not to intense) 7 days a week,or 5 days a week,or every other day ETC.
-15 Intense routine(very hard stretching and/or intense girth exercises) with multiple workout schedules
-Frequent long sessions(2 hours+) intense(such as heavy weights) or light(such as light weights if hanging) done or infrequent long sessions (done maybe every other day)

Because of all the factors involved,we can almost build an unlimited amount of routine schedules,but I beleive the core is the main points i.e is it better to workout every day,or 2 on 1 off?Or what if 1 day on 2 off with plenty of rest would work best? Is hanging light weights for long periods of time better than hanging heavy weights for short or even equal amounts of time? is stretching better than hanging(since some has stated that hanging did not work for them,but stretching did)? can a basic,quick simple routine like stretching and jelqing provide lasting and continued results ETC.

Hopefully if we can some how moniter these factors,we may one day have a better understanding of which is best.

And for many,they wont have to necessarly try anything special,just continue what they are doing.
For instance,some people have the time,patience or motivation to do pe alot,and some does not have these or maybe the privacy to do frequent workouts,so they will have to use a less frequent workout routine.

Or maybe someone who just can not get the motivation together to continute to do their pe routine will try something different,like instead of just quiting,try peing one day on with 2-3 days off,and moniter their results.

Or may some of these guys who has done a routine for 4-6 months with no results can try some thing different,like an all day stretcher(probably working longer than current) or a basic routine(probably a shorter workout).Or working out more intense but less frequent ETC.

Hopefully this is something we will try to workout and maybe get a little better understanding of what works best(not that we have not came a long way so far,but hopefully we can get a much better understanding and much better results for us all).

Anyway good luck to everyone.

I think that like in weight training, there is no one ” best routine ” in PE .

Different people respond to the same stimuli with varied results.

Again, like in weight training, there are very basic commonalities that are important, like a good warm up and warm down, mental focus, proper performance of the exercises, and above all, consistent, long term dedication to whatever routine, or routines, you choose.

It is whatever you do consistently, over long periods, that will yield the best results, whatever it is you are doing .

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