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What Causes Discoloration?

What Causes Discoloration?

Pretty straightforward question I guess, but it’s been on my mind as it’s something that I really want to minimize. Although I’m sure that just about any PE exercise is capable of producing discoloration, what I’m wondering is what are the most dangerous things to look out for discoloration wise? Is it more a matter of chafing/skin friction? Does it happen more with any exercises in particular? I’ve seen pics such as Piet’s where it looks like the whole dick is discolored and then there’s this light “inner dick” kind of skin at the base that’s still a relatively virgin color- looking like it’s been pulled out from hanging (not that I wouldn’t swap for that monster in a sec!;-p). What’s the most dangerous thing to do to bring on discoloration? Clamping? Dry jelqing? Hanging? Pushing your dick too hard in *any* exercise? I know there’s probably not going to be a consensus, but that’s cool, I’m just looking to start getting some ideas about it up in my bean so I can consider it for myself. Special thanks to the vets and the previously discolored who choose to add to my understanding. peace.

All I know is ever since I’ve used a lot of heat in my routine my discoloring has stopped. In fact I’d say it’s going away completely. I use a heat pad to warm up with for about 10 minutes. I keep applying the pad between sets as well. And now my new thing is to clamp off, then wrap it with the heat pad.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

<<<Watch out for this nasty Dihydrogen Monoxide stuff!>>>

uuuuh….and this is on topic *how*?

***scratches head***

Thanks Pud! (this has got to be one of the only places that you can get away with saying something like that and hope that it’ll be well received) I’d never have thought in a million that heat, by itself could mitigate discoloration. I know I deffinitely appreciate the reasoning that it helps you gain while stretching/hanging/jelqing/clamping better. Lots of good deep heat certainly seems like a PE MUST.

It’s not, sorry, bad joke. It does mean there’s a link to my favorites in which I have a folder on discoloration.

Also there was a thread in the Newbie forum yesteray that was full of links to threads on discoloration.

Thanks memento- I’ll check that link to your folder on discoloration- see if I can navigate to it. Yup, just did. Never even noticed that you could access other people’s favorites before. How exactly do you enable sharing your favorites like that mem?

>How exactly do you enable sharing your favorites like that mem?<

Edit Options (third one down).

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