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How to notice discoloration?

How to notice discoloration?

I have PE for about 6 months and have not got any discoloration. But I have recently read some threads about this and is a bit worried… Is there any good tips for not getting discoloration? I have now started hanging, and is a bit worried there is a possibility to get discoloration.. Is there any hangers out there who have done big weight for years and not got any discoloration?

When you get discoloration, does it creep on so you can notice it and stop in time, or does it appear like BAM! and then you cant do anything to stop it?

Hi jaaaq,

I don’t think you need to worry if you haven’t got it after 6 month of serious PE you’re a lucky man !

It mostly happens with girth workouts, jelqs, squeezes, horses, clamping and usually affects the shaft. I turns dark then.

Since hanging is not a girth workout I don’t think you will get shaft discoloration. Now there is the danger of discoloration of the glans when you hang, from burst blood vessels that cause those infamous red dots on your glans. I think people who discolor easy would get that, you don’t seem to be one of them though.

But since I’m not a hanger I suggest you search in the hangers forum.



Haha there is no way you will get it without you noticing.

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I thought hanging was the main discoloration exercise?

Because I have been searching for discoloration the last day for the first time im a bit paranoid. Yesterday I looked really closely at my dick and under the dick I have some brown spot and its a bit brownish along the veins on the underside. I dont know if this i discoloration.. I have not noticed it before and I dont know if it is just my paranoia now but it IS a more brown color then the rest of the dick even if I have to look closely to see it. The color disappear when I get a erection. It is only visible in flaccid state. Comments?

I have been hanging for a few months and have noticed a dark area on the underside of my penis next to the head. I hope it lightens but it doesn’t seem to fade fast and doesn’t hurt either. ?

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