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Well used Beginner

Well used Beginner

I’m new to this site and find it informative. I’m 52 and have done jelking and squeezes for a while. I would like to try hanging. My question is when I pull with my hand I can pull nearly 50# but not for ten minutes at a time. If I hang how much should I start with 5# doesn’t seem like a lot and I don’t know what I’m suppose to feel. Thanks

Start light and if it’s nothing work up to the next increment. I started at 2.5# just to make sure I had the setup right. After a few sessions I jumped to 5# and am working it out there rather effectively. Just do what is good for you. You aren’t expected to hit fatigue in the first day, and a light weight gets your penis used to the stress. Believe me, your fundiform ligament doesn’t get anywhere near the stress in manual stretching as it does in hanging. And that’s something I’ve learned lately.

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